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The Episode starts with Mohi washing Vinayak’s feet and showering flowers on him. She does his aarti. She asks him to have modak, as family has made this for you, I know you like this a lot. She says Swati said you can eat 2100 modak also, this is just 21. Vinayak gets perplexed. He says you are not understanding, I don’t like sweets since childhood. She says I m not fool, eat it. He eats sweets and likes it. She says Swati and Kaki made these sweets. He says please let me go now. She says family will come now, you can talk to them. He says he wants his medicines, its in his bag. She asks him to have medicines. She sits and smiles, thinking family will be happy with me. Vinayak takes the bag and shows, and runs from there.

Vinayak falls and family comes. He says he is salesman, this mad girl

is making me have sweets. He runs. Mohi tells everyone that he was Vinayak, don’t worry, I welcomed him well, I washed his feet, made him wear garlands and made him have 2 sweets, then he run. Kaki says you are really mad. Mohi asks what did I do now.

Satyakam says I promised Mahua that I will always protect Mohi. I will leave for city tomorrow, to find Mohi. Harya says city is too big, will you be able to find her. He says one can find Lord too if determined, I will bless Mohi if Ayush kept her happy, if anything happens to Mohi, I will not leave Ayush. Swati tells Mohi about Ganpati, whom they call Vinayak. Mohi says sorry, I will not do this mistake again, promise.

Mohi says scold me. They all laugh and say they will make modak again. Manohar calls them to come and see Vinayak ji. Everyone decorate the home. Shubhangi laughs and tells everyone what Mohi did today. Ayush comes home and hears this. He asks why is Mohi laughing, she should be ashamed. He scolds her for troubling family and outsiders, she wants to prove she is very innocent, that she will win his family’s heart. Sharad says what are you saying, she did not do such a big mistake. Ayush says she has habit to play with other’s feelings, fooling and taking advantage of them.

Swati asks Ayush why is he always after her. Ayush says how can she be so foolish, she is adding poison in other’s life by acting sweet. Swati asks why is he saying this. Mohi cries. Its morning, Shubhangi sees something and says whats this. She calls everyone out. Kaki says maybe Mohi did something. They all come there and see there.

They all see the beautiful Rangoli and think Shubhangi, Deepa or Anjali did this. They say we did not make it. Kaki says then who made this. They see Mohi with colors and get surprised. Swati asks her did she make this. Mohi says yes, how is it. Swati says its very beautiful. Mohi says I woke up before sunrise, its completed now. Ayush comes and looks on. Mohi says she wanted to do something good. Ayush says good and you, see something wrong will happen by this rangoli too. Swati asks Mohi not to feel bad of his words.

Manohar says we will get ready, guests will be coming. Madhur asks Sharad to call pandit. Swati says she is worried for Ayush’s inlaws welcome. Kaki says don’t worry. Vinay, Rekha and Anusha come to them. Manohar welcomes them. Ayush greets Vinay. Anusha greets Ayush’s family. She smiles seeing Ayush. Rekha goes to make a call and does not see Rangoli. Mohi pushes her to save Rangoli. Rekha falls over the chair and asks is she blind. Everyone come there and ask what happened. Rekha says this girl has done this.

She says she has pushed me. Mohi says I was just stopping you from stepping on the Rangoli. Rekha says she is lying. Mohi says I m not lying. Rekha says Rangoli my foot, you pushed me for this cheap Rangoli and spoiled my expensive saree. Ayush asks Mohi is she mad. Rekha says oh, so you are Mohi, who did not let Vinay enter home. Rekha asks Vinay to say is this girl with staying here. Ayush asks Mohi to say sorry.

Rekha blames Mohi for stealing her earrings and says she will check her bag.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. sandra s thannickal

    kab Ayush mohi ko pyaar karungi?I think mohi dhoda modern hona chahiyae..

  2. Yaa poor mohi
    So innocent character..

  3. i have started watching this now only can anyone tell me why ayush married mohi????plzzzzzzzzzzz

  4. Nice episode

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