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Mohi 26th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanta being angry on Mohi returning back home. She plans to blame Mohi, and thinks to keep money in Mohi’s room. Shubhangi comes there and Shanta gets shocked. Shanta says she has got her money so she was coming to tell them. Shubhangi says its good, but how did you recall where you kept money when Mohi is coming. Shanta says she felt bad to blame Mohi, she will apologize to her. Shubhangi says yes, you have to apologize and I will remind you.

Shanta says you are sweet like jabeli. Shubhangi goes. Shanta scolds her. Anusha tells everyone that Mohi got Preeti in hospital, as Preeti met with an accident, I met her in hospital. Swati says we were worried for Mohi, Shanta blamed her for theft, we did not know about her. Shanta says no, I was mistaken, I thought that way. Shubhangi

says yes Mohi, Shanta is ashamed and want to say sorry. Shanta says yes, I m sorry.

Swati says Mohi you did not think about me and all of us. She cries. Manohar says let her go, why should we worry. He asks her to go, then he will have Gutka/tobacco. Mohi saks why is he saying so. Manohar says yes, I m adamant, you are also adamant, you go. Ayush looks on. Manohar gets annoyed and says he does not care if she goes.

Mohi says I will never leave you. She apologizes to Manohar. He hugs her. Everyone cry. Manohar asks Mohi to go, when Anusha makes you a doctor. Kaki also forgives Mohi. Ayush thinks what game is Lord playing, Mohi had gone and she is back now, I don’t feel she will go again.

Shubhangi tells Swati that she feels Shanta is very big liar, she has trapped Mohi. Swati says she is not such, she apologized to Mohi. Shubhangi says it was all Shanta’s plan. Ayush asks Anusha why did she get Mohi back. Anusha says you changed a lot. She asks why does he get angry seeing Mohi, is he hiding anything? Ayush gets tensed.

Ayush asks shall I give explanation for little things, I don’t want to argue. She says I will never ask you anything, you won’t need to answer and gets annoyed. She goes. He gets worried.

Ayush comes home and Mohi stops him to talk. She apologizes to him. He says he wishes to remove that day from his life when he went to Bhuvana and met her, it would be better that any wild animal has eaten him or villagers caught him, he would have not died like this every moment. He says I m lying to family just because of you. Shanta hears this and thinks is there any secret between them, which Mohi is hiding from her.

Family talks to Mohi about finding a good guy for Mohi, just like Ayush. Mohi gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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