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Mohi 26th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aaji showing Ayush’s news reporting to Vinay. Ayush’s family also see the news and gets glad. Vinay says what a nice thought, I think Rekha should also see this. Rekha talks to her friend and says I know Ayush is doing a good job. Vinay asks Rekha to come and see. Swati says Ayush has become a star. Madhur says I did not think Ayush will do such a good job. Rekha tells Vinay that Ayush’s show is going superhit, not bad at all, he is looking so handsome, I think we should congratulate him. Anusha proved to be lucky for him. Satish and Shanta look on.

Swati, Madhur, Sharad and Anjali get glad that Ayush is earning good name. Shanta says if names gets bigger, its tough to maintain the respect. She taunts them. Madhur asks her to speak good some times, why will they lose

name when they did not do anything wrong. Satish smiles and thinks I got a way to earn money.

Anusha calls Ayush and congratulates him, and says how can I miss your first show. He says I was nervous, I feel good if you are saying. She says I loved your show, so proud of you. He says this was just first episode, I have to work really hard, every episode should get better. She says I m very positive. She asks when is he coming home. He says I will get late, don’t wait for me. She recalls his words and smiles.

Satish comes to Shanta’s room and takes some letter. He recalls Shanta’s slap and says Shanta thinks she is clever, she does not know me. He takes letter and leaves.

Rekha is glad as Ayush is getting famous. Rekha says Ayush is getting praised and calls Anusha to congratulate her. Anusha asks did you get Ayush’s show. Rekha says yes, I have taken time out of my busy schedule, he had done a brilliant job. Anusha asks her to call Ayush. Rekha says I was thinking to come your home and personally congratulate Ayush. Anusha says he has work today for his next episode. Rekha says I will come some other day. Anusha says I m happy, and ends call. Rekha thinks I hope he never forgets his luck changed after marriage.

Satish calls Ayush and says I m your fan, I have seen your show, I have your secret which I want to show. Ayush asks what do you mean, tell me. Satish laughs and ends call. Ayush gets tensed and thinks about what truth was he saying. Satish says now Ayush will be trapped and give me money. He says this paper has magic, this is my biggest theft.

Anusha comes home and talks to Swati and Anjali about Ayush’s show. Anusha asks did Mohi come. Anjali tells what happened at home today, and how Shubhangi left. Anusha gets shocked.

Ayush recalls the caller’s words. Nilesh comes and asks why did you call me urgently. Ayush says I got call from unknown number, the man appreciated about the show and I got happy, then he told me about some truth, I did not understand, I m in tension. Nilesh asks him not to worry, the show is on society’s truth, maybe someone got worried seeing show and troubling you. Ayush says no. Nilesh says you will have new stories in every episode and you will make new enemies. Ayush says I don’t think it was professional and worries. Ayush wonders when anyone was saying about me and Mohi’s truth. Nilesh says oh God, I knew you would say this, you left Mohi to Bhuvana, take Anusha out on candle light dinner, chill. Ayush recalls the man’s words.

Anusha comes to Sharad and asks him will he feel bad if she says something. He asks is it about Shubhangi. She requests him to get Shubhangi back. Sharad recalls Shubhangi’s words and refuses to call Shubhangi back. Anusha worries.

Sharad welcomes Ayush home and says I m feeling happy, you made me proud. Ayush says I always wanted to make you all proud.

Update Credit to: Amena

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