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Mohi 26th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mohi asking Mahua and Satyakam to leave. She says I made my place by difficulty here, you want that place to get snatched, tell me. Ayush hears them. Satyakam says fine, we will go, but are you happy, Ayush takes care of you right. Mohi says I m very happy, the family takes care of me and does not let me miss you both, I have everything here, I request you to leave. Satyakam asks Mahua to come. Mahua cries and says once we leave now, we all never come back, our relation ended today Mohi.

She starts leaving and asks Mohi to keep these clothes, thinking its last her sign. Mohi cries and says I don’t need anything, see my costly saree. Ayush hears them and feels sad. Satyakam asks Mahua to come and takes her. Satyakam and Mahua leave. Mohi cries and feels sorry. She asks

Mahua to forgive her. She goes inside the house and sees Ayush. She sits down and cries. He forwards hand to hold her and moves back.

Ayush recalls Mohi’s words. Madhur asks him why did he go out, where is his focus. Swati says Anusha would be getting ready in his room, so he came out. Ayush says yes. Kaki asks him to get ready, this puja is for his future. Rekha cries and says finally, it happened what I was fearing for, I knew Ayush is not right for Anusha. She asks Vinay how does he feel by giving Anusha’s hand to a cheater. She says I will go to Gokhales and get my Anusha back. She says I don’t want Gokhales, I will hire big lawyer and get Anusha divorced. They get shocked. Vinay calms down Rekha. He says I understand your feelings, I also care for Anusha equally like you do.

He says just a phone call can’t spoil things, this reason is not right, you trusted that unknown person, why did that man not tell us before marriage. She says I m Anusha’s mum, I want her happiness. He says I m Anusha’s dad, I also want her happiness. She asks what shall I do, shall I see her getting ruined. He says no, give some time, truth does not hide for long.

Mohi keeps sindoor and cries. She recalls Mahua’s words and her bitter words to send Mahua back. She cries recalling her marriage. She says sorry Maai, I did big mistake by insulting Maai and Baba, but I had no other option, Lord knows I m helpless. She holds her mangalsutra and says I can’t break Ayush and Anusha’s marriage, how to repent for this sin now, show me some way Lord.

Rekha comes to Ayush and asks him to give guarantee that he will not cheat Anusha. He gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ayush has ruined two lives,even now he doesn’t feel guilty for his deeds.feel so bad for mohi and anusha.when will this mausi leave?fed up with the drama of satish and mausi.when’ll mohi start focusing on her career?

  2. My God this serial is getting dumber day by day. What kind of serial is this. It shows only how to lie and decieve. I am so fed up with this nonsense. This is so boring and dragging it should go off air

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