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Mohi 26th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ayush asking Mohi for whom does Pratap work. She asks why is he asking. He says I want to know about this area, as Anusha wants to keep medical camp here. She gets glad and says your doctor wants to come here to treat people for free, make me talk to her once, I will ask her how to become doctor. He says fine, you ask her when she comes here for the camp. She says yes, I will ask her, but when is she coming. He says she will come when I give her all info, you are not saying, if this area is good for her to come or not.

She says doctor will be fine, Pratap’s boss thinks for our good and he will help the doctor. Ayush asks who is that man. She says our village…. And sees his mobile drying. She says sunlight has gone. He asks the name of that man. She asks him to try the phone

once, maybe it will work.

Shubhangi and Anjali see famous people in the party. Anjali says she will meet the guests. Her mum asks her not to go. Mohi asks Ayush to check phone. Ayush starts the phone and smiles seeing its working. She says make me talk to doctor. He says there is no network. She says we will go on that mountain top. He asks how will I go. She says you can come.

Rekha asks Anusha to sit with them in puja and takes her. The puja starts. Swati says they did not make rangoli, we will make it. Shubhangi says yes, Anjali come along. Swati says I will help in puja. Rekha looks on. The pandit asks for panchamrit. Swati says she will make it and goes with Archana. Emila Raj, the actress helps Shubhangi and Anjali in making rangoli and they get glad. The puja is done.

Mohi asks Ayush to come. He says he can’t come there and asks Mohi to talk to Anusha, and tell him what she says. Ayush gives her the phone and she goes ahead to get network. Mohi says she will talk to Anusha. He says he wants to talk to his Aai. She says we will call Anusha first, please. He smiles and says fine, and asks her to speed dial 7. She dials Anusha. Anusha says its Ayush’s call. Rekha asks her to go and talk in privary. Ayush’s aunt says we will also talk. Anusha puts on speaker. Mohi talks to Anusha. Mohi passes Ayush’s message and the family asks who is she.

Mohi says she wants to become doctor. Anusha asks where is Ayush. Mohi asks how to become doctor. Ayush asks Mohi to let her talk to Anusha. The network goes. Ayush asks Mohi to call again. Rekha talks to Ayush’s family and tells about her friend’s son from US, he has come to marry here. They say Arvind will get a nice girl and she will be lucky. Arvind thanks them and leaves.

Rekha says Anusha could be that lucky one too, Arvind liked Anusha but she chose Ayush. Vinay manages the talk and praises Ayush. He says when Ayush comes back, we will fix their engagement date. Rekha gets stunned.

Ayush thinks how to confirm Pratap’s leader is Satyakam.

Update Credit to: Amena

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