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The Episode starts with Rekha and Archana arguing over Mohi. Rekha taunts Archana calling her a villager. Vinay scolds Rekha and says Archana came from village, even I belong to same village, I feel proud that my roots are of village. Rekha says you don’t need to say who are you, this is known by your behavior, I regret I could not change you after lots of try. Archana gets sad. Vinay says I m glad you did not change me, you need to change, not me. Anusha looks on. Rekha leaves.

Manohar and Mohi apologize to each other and laugh. Satyakam goes to call the city and dials Ayush’s number. He calls at Ayush’s home landline and Kaki takes the call. Vinay’s call connects to Ayush’s phone. Satyakam does not get the number right. Manohar talks to Vinay and asks how did he call in morning. Vinay

says it did not happen right, you have to apologize to me. Manohar asks what happened. Vinay says I came yesterday with sweets to fix engagement day, a girl has made me leave and did not ask me for water.

Manohar asks was it you. Vinay says yes. Manohar holds his head. The man says this is not Pune number. Satyakam says maybe Ayush gave wrong number. Vinay asks how can you leave house like this. Mohi asks whose phone is it. Kaki tells her that man was Ayush’s to be father in law. Vinay says she would have broke my head, I did not expect this. Manohar says that girl did not know, I m sorry. Vinay says you all have to bear punishment. Manohar says fine, we are ready.

Vinay smiles and says fine, you have to finish the sweets which I have left there and laughs. He says I was joking, I was shocked by that girl’s courage and confidence, she made me run and did not move. Manohar says yes, actually that girl is new in city, she does not know about city. Vinay says I did not feel bad, I will remember this always, I should have called and come. Manohar invites him in Ganesh puja. Vinay says fine, we will meet in puja.

Manohar asks Mohi did she not get anyone, Vinay said about punishment, that we have to end the sweets today. Mohi says sorry. Manohar says no need. They all smile. Mohi says she will welcome any gentleman. Manohar says if its thief. Mohi says then clear it to me. Manohar says don’t ask anything now and makes Mohi have sweets. Mohi hears about Vinayak, and thinks maybe its someone special.

Rekha praises Ayush infront of her friends. Anusha hears her. Anusha asks Rekha why did she lie about Ayush. Rekha asks whats your problem, you dislike when I say good or bad. Anusha says problem is your lies. Rekha says what shall I say, my to be son in law is a struggling journalist, the MNC CEO’s son proposal came for me, what should I say, there is nothing good to say about Ayush.

Anusha gets sad. Rekha says now you are in love with Ayush, I hope you don’t regret for your decision in future. Anusha says don’t worry, that day won’t come. Mohi hears Swati and Kaki saying about Vinayak. Mohi wants to taste modak and Kaki stops her. Mohi says we don’t make this in our village. Kaki says its sweets, we can’t eat before Vinayak ji eats this. Mohi asks will he eat so many, is he very hungry. They laugh. Swati says take care of home, we will go and invite guests as Vinayak ji is coming. They leave.

Satyakam says I don’t know Mohi is alive or not, you all blindly trusted Ayush and sent Mohi with him, I think you all wanted to get rid of Mohi, was she any big burden. A marketing survey guy comes and Mohi opens the door. He says he is Vinayak. She thinks so he is Vinayak everyone is talking about. She says everyone is preparing to welcoming him. She asks him to come inside and he refuses being puzzled.

She brings him inside and makes him sit. He says give my bag. She says she won’t let him go and asks him to sit, not be afraid. He says you are mistaken. She asks him to wait. He prays to Lord Vinayak and says this girl looks mad, what will I do now. Mohi gets the milk and sweets. She says Swati and Kaki went to invite everyone, I will welcome you well, I will remove your shoes. He says no please. She asks him to think she won’t return his bag. He removes the shoes and she smiles. Satyakam tells everyone that there is no guarantee that Ayush did not use Mohi and not harm her, I have decided what to do next.

Ayush scolds Mohi and asks why is she troubling strangers. Sharad takes Mohi’s side. Ayush says Mohi plays with others feeling acting like being helpless.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What is all this? All the serials are the same. Stop this show. That mohi is acting like a chicken with no head. She is so stupif and childish.

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