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The Episode starts with Mohi going out and crying recalling the taunts. She says everyone has a father, why don’t I have a father. Why did Lord take my father away? She sees some men talking about the place and asks is this the place. She recalls Nana saying about her dad’s place. She says this is Lord’s leela, I m standing at the place where my father’s house is, someone would know about her, if I ask who went from here to Bhuvana 20 years ago, who would know, Lord has got me here and will make me meet my dad. She asks the people about someone going Bhuvana from here 20 years ago, he is her father, does he know. The man says I don’t know.

She asks a lady and the lady says she does not know. Anusha is happy and sits with her friends. Ayush looks at her and smiles. He messages her that she

looks beautiful today. She asks just today? He says as its special day for us today. He asks her to smile. She compliments him. Deepa and Anjali see them chatting and smile. They tell this to elders and they all smile. Rekha looks on. Manohar jokes on them and says we should give them some time, see they are chatting. Vinay says yes, we will start engagement soon.

Mohi asks more people about her father and says they don’t even know about Bhuvana. Rekha talks to the ladies and Swati talks to her. Rekha says your sense is humor is good, but not anything I can understand. She gets rude in her talk. Anusha feels bad. Rekha comes to a café and asks the man about her father who went Bhuvana 20 years ago. The man says this area is very big, thousand of people stay here, how can I know. She says I understand, ask the people who work here, maybe they can know anything. The girl asks the man to give bill, or will he just timepass with the wild girl. Mohi goes to her and says you look a monkey, even Bhuvana dogs will not see you. She argues with the girl.

The man asks her to leave. Mohi leaves. Two men see her and say she looks very restless. Ayush and Anusha sit to do engagement. Aaji talks to Ayush’s family in Anusha’s favor. Kaki says Anusha will be in our hearts always, and about staying in joint family, we all have been alone with our parents, but since we married in Gokhale family, we did not know when we adjusted so well to become a part of this family, don’t worry, this will happen with Anusha too. She says when she comes in our home, she will adjust in our house very well. Manohar says Aai, we did not take your daughter, but Laxmi. They all smile. Kaki says we are waiting for the moment when Anusha steps in Maayka. They laugh.

Vinay thanks them for their love and say Anusha is lucky, I m glad that my daughter is going in your family, I m sure she will fill your house with happiness. The men see Mohi and fool her about knowing the man she was asking about. She asks them who. They say they know the man who went to Bhuvana, they heard her talking in the hotel, we came to tell about that man. She asks them to take her to that man. The man says not now, I have work. She says I m finding my dad, please take me. The man agrees and asks her to come with him. Mohi thanks him. The man calls someone and says he has caught a village bird, she is very good looking, come with a fat amount at the shop. He looks at Mohi.

Mohi asks the men where is my father, does he stay here alone or with someone. The men fool her and ask her to sit here, her father will come. They shut her in the godown and go.

Update Credit to: Amena

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