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The Episode starts with Manohar being angry. He tells his wife that Sharad did not talk to him like this ever. Mohi walks on the road. She thinks she does not know where this way will take her, she does not know where to go. She prays. She recalls Ayush’s words. A car goes speeding towards her. Vinay and Aaji talk about Rekha, and he says she will be fine. He gets emergency call from hospital and asks Anusha to be quick.

Sharad tells Shubhangi and Swati about Manohar. Swati pacifies Sharad. Sharad says Manohar was so angry that he was raising hand on me, for that Mohi, who is not related to us. Manohar tells Madhur that Mohi is like Deepa for him, we shall go and find her. Vinay and Anusha come to hospital to check the accident case. A lady comes and asks for her daughter Preeti. Mohi says Preeti

will be fine. The lady says Mohi saved Preeti from accident. The lady thanks Mohi. Mohi says it was going to be my accident, I got saved and car has hit your daughter, so I got her here, she will be fine. The lady says Lord has sent you there to save Preeti.

Ayush recalls Mohi. Kaki asks are you fine, I know you are worried, you got her here, she is your responsibility, I pray she goes home safely, but I m scared, if this does not happen, her mum will ask you, you will be held responsible. How can Mohi do this, if anything happens, you will be held wrong. Anusha asks Mohi what is she doing here, did she get Preeti here. Vinay says you did good. He asks lady to meet her daughter. Mohi got her on right time, but where did you get her, and whats this potli, where are you going. They take Mohi to cabin. Anusha asks the same.

Mohi says I have left that house forever. They get shocked. She says she wants to go home alone. He asks why alone. She says she did not tell anyone before leaving. He says they would be finding you. Anusha says no dad, why will anyone worry for her, she did right to leave Ayush’s house, she should meet her mom, she is not blood related to that family. She left them and also her dreams for her mom, even if she loses her sister. Vinay asks Anusha not to be angry, Mohi is crying.

Anusha tells Mohi to be with Ayush’s family, they are so caring, they are good people. If she goes from there, She won’t become doctor ever, she got three mother’s love there. Does she want to go from there, will she get their love again? I don’t think you will get any family like Ayush’s family, promise me you will never leave them. Anusha says she will inform Ayush’s family.

Shanta asks Manohar to catch Mohi before she flees with her money. Manohar says I can never believe she is thief, we are going to police station so that we get her back. Shubhangi stops him and says Mohi is found, she is with Anusha and Vinay at their home. They all get puzzled. Swati asks how did Mohi reach there. Shubhangi says don’t know, Anusha said she will come home and tell everything. Swati thanks Lord. Shanta gets upset and goes. Shubhangi gets thinking seeing Shanta’s behavior.

Shanta goes to hide money in Mohi’s room, and Shubhangi comes there.

Update Credit to: Amena

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