Mohi 25th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Mohi 25th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanta arguing with Shubhangi and asking her to leave. Everyone try to stop Shubhangi. Shubhangi cries and says Sharad is not asking me to stop. Shanta says let her go, she will get sense in few days. Shubhangi leaves. Shanta says its good she left, she has no manners to talk with elders, I m also woman, but I don’t leave for small reasons, Sharad don’t worry, it would be good you married the girl I chose for her. Kaki cries and asks Shanta to just stop it.

She says you told a lot, remember this is my house, I have united this with love, don’t interfere in my house matters or else leave this house. Kaki asks Madhur to talk to Sharad once. He says calm down, everything will be fine. She says Sharad changed a lot, Sharad and Shubhangi had light arguments always, but this

time they fought. He says Shubhangi should have stayed back on your saying. She says no, sometimes we can’t be strict to Shubhangi, she would have felt I m forcing her. He says don’t worry, I will talk to Sharad, don’t tell this to Manohar, he is already unwell, stress is not good for him.

Sharad recalls Shubhangi’s words. He starts missing her. Madhur comes to her and says you are free, we will play chess. Sharad says I don’t have mood today. Madhur asks why, do you think you will lose. Sharad says no, its easy to make you lose. Madhur says overconfidence is not good and talks about game.

Anjali is making halwa for Ayush. Swati says we are making halwa for Ayush’s success, but whatever happened today between Sharad and Shubhangi is not good. Anjali says we have to behave normal infront of Manohar, Madhur said so. Swati says Kaki told me that it was small thing. Anjali says Shanta was adding spice in the fight, we tried to stop Shubhangi. Swati says sometimes getting away is important to realize relation’s importance.

Sharad tells Madhur that you are playing good today. Madhur says no, you are playing bad. Sharad says my mind was somewhere else. Madhur asks him to get Shubhangi back, its your mistake. Sharad says she went on her own, and let her come back. Madhur says we should not involve others in family matter, else it gets out of hand. He explains Sharad.

Anjali tells Swati that halwa is ready and asks for dry fruits. She tells how Shanta is making Sharad and Shubhangi fight. Swati worries. Sharad says I want to move on in my life, that job had no growth. Madhur says we are middle class people and you have to kids to look after, what you want to do. Sharad says I have a proposal and it had good scope. Madhur says we have family too, maintain balance, get Shubhangi back. Sharad says no, she will come back on her own if she wants.

Ayush is on tv. Everyone smile seeing his news update. Rekha says not bad at all, I think we will congratulate him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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