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Mohi 25th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mohi calling out Maai. She gets glad seeing Mahua and Satyakam. She runs to them and smiles happily with teary eyes. Mahua hugs her. Mohi and Mahua have a talk. Mahua says she was thinking does Mohi miss her a lot, today seeing Mohi, she got alive. Mohi hugs her and Satyakam. Satyakam says Mahua said all this, what shall I say, I don’t have any words. Mahua says don’t say anything.

Mahua says she got saree for her and shirt for Ayush. She asks her where is her sindoor. Mohi gets tensed. Mahua asks where is her mangalsutra. Vinay, Aaji and Archana get ready and wait for Rekha. Satish gives more blank calls. Rekha tells Vinay that someone is giving blank calls from private number. Satish calls her again from landline. Vinay says lets leave now. Rekha scolds the person and

says she knows police commissioner, what do they think about them. Satish says I m Satish, Ayush’s jija, why are you angry. She says someone was giving blank calls since morning. He says don’t know what happened to people, anyways I called to ask when are you guys coming, everyone is waiting to start puja. Rekha says we are leaving now. He ends call.

Elesh tells Ayush that he did right that he did not tell Anusha. He asks does family know you left Pune post job, you want to surprise Anusha with this. Ayush says no, all functions can get over and then I will see when to tell her, she knows my family, but I don’t want to give her stress. Elesh asks him to join any new job. Ayush says yes, let marriage rasams end. Elesh says fine, stop living in guilt.

Mohi cries and says I was getting ready, I came running here to meet you. Satyakam says we will go inside and meet Mohi’s inlaws. Mahua says yes, we will meet them. Satyakam asks whose marriage is happening. Mohi says it was my marriage reception. Satyakam says but that happens after marriage. Mohi says yes, my reception did not happen that time, they have many relatives and that’s why it got late. Mahua says I m lucky, I did not imagine Mohi will be in such inlaws, introduce us to everyone. Mohi says you can’t go inside. Ayush comes out and sees them. He moves back and thinks how did they reach here, did Mohi call them, what was Mohi want to do, if anything wrong happens, everything will get over.

Sharad sneezes and says he has cold and high fever. Kakai, Anjali and Shubhangi worry. Shubhangi checks the fever and says its just 98. She smiles and tickles him. they all laugh. Vinay receives the blank call and asks who is he. The man says I m your well wisher, Anusha married a wrong guy, break this marriage, else you will make her divorce papers. Vinay says shut up, how dare you. Rekha worries.

Anusha gets ready for the puja. She smiles. Shubhangi says now you look Anusha Ayush Gokhale. Kaki comes and compliments Anusha. Mohi tells Mahua that she is bahu of rich family now, and asks them to go, big people have come here to be part of function, my inlaws will lose respect seeing you, I don’t want this to happen. Ayush hears this. Mahua and Satyakam get shocked. Mahua says you are saying right, you have become bahu of big house, your respect will get less if we come there, we are glad to know this, we raised you and we have come here to hear this from you. She cries and says you are not wrong.

Satyakam asks does your respect get us if we come there. Mohi says you want to see my happy right, then go from here. Mahua cries. Ayush looks on from far.

Mohi says I made my place in this house by much difficulty, do you want that place to be snatched from me, I m very happy, they all take care of a lot. Ayush hears them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Stop this nonsense and show some good things to people. Dont show lies and crazy things. Boring and stupid serial.

  2. wow! mohi is so brave and sacrificial,yet ayush will never see all these due to his blind and selfish reasons. Hope this costly decission wont bring new twist between she and her mum?

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