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The Episode starts with inspector catching Ayush. Ayush introduces himself and says he landed here after paragliding. He tells about Mohi, she saved him. The inspector says did anyone shoot on you. Ayush says on me? I thought they are firing on you. The inspector says this is not safe place, leave from here, call me on this number if you have any problem. He gives his card. Ayush looks at Mohi.

Ayush’s family gets ready and driver brings a car. Madhur says he did not book any car. Sharad says I have booked car to go for puja. Madhur says we don’t want it. Sharad asks driver to sit outside, they will come. He says we can go together. Manohar says whats wrong in this. Madhur says why to show off, its no use to pretend. Manohar says we are going in car, that’s all. He asks for Deepa and kids. Shubhangi

says kids are exam. Deepa’s mum says I convinced Deepa to stay at home with kids. They all leave.

Ayush and Mohi are on the way in jungle and have an argument. She sees some fruits and plucks it to give Ayush, as he is hungry. He asks how to eat without washing it. She asks him to have it. He says fine, its just cleanliness caution. He eats it. She thanks him for saving goat. He dries his phone and says she has thrown it to shut its tone. She says such things get damaged after falling in water, I don’t think it will work. He asks why did she throw in water then. She says I did this to save you. They argue.

He asks her not to argue and just say sorry. She says why to say sorry, it not my mistake. He says yes, its my mistake. They argue and feel stuck with each other. She asks him to go city and leaves with Sundari. He says go, you think I won’t get my way without you. He gets tensed seeing the place. Ayush does not get the way and keep roaming. She comes to the plant like they have plucked the fruits. He says he can eat this, it looks similar fruits like Mohi gave me. Mohi stops him. He asks what. She asks what was he doing, that fruit is poisonous, this is different. He gets shocked.

He thanks her and asks what was she doing. She says I was keeping an eye as you can’t be here alone in jungle, you are not smart. She asks what. She says Sundari told me, as you saved her life, Sundari feels all city guys are not bad. He thanks Sundari and taunts Mohi. They argue and laugh.

Rekha and Vinay welcome the guests. Anusha tells Vinay about Ayush’s family. They welcome Ayush’s family. Rekha tries disrespecting them by preferring her special guests. Vinay manages the situation. Madhur sees Deshmukh. Deshmukh addresses Madhur as his Sir and touches his feet. He says did you remember me, I m Rohan Deshmukh, whom you used to give punishment for not doing the assignment, I m your student. Madhur recalls and asks how are you. Deshmukh says your teachings and scoldings made me this city mayor, this credit goes to you, I got good marks because of you, thanks a lot, I m whatever because of you. Rekha looks on. Madhur says its your hardwork too.

Mohi dries Ayush’s phone by putting light on it, and tells Ayush about sunlight not coming in their village. He asks is she annoyed with him. She says no. He asks will she tell about Pratap. She says no, tell me about your doctor friend. He tells about Anusha Dixit. She gets glad. He says she is my to be fiancée. She asks what, you are marrying a doctor, great. He says yes. She asks why are you roaming here, go back to city. He says I m helpless to stay here, I met with an accident and came here.

Vinay attends Ayush’s family and introduces his younger sister Archana. Archana greets them and asks Anusha to come for helping in puja. Mohi asks Ayush why is he not going when his leg is fine. Ayush says he would have gone because of her Pratap. She says he is not mine. He says I mean your village man Pratap. She says no one likes him. He asks why do everyone listen to him, are they afraid. She says no, he works for someone whom everyone respect. He asks for whom does he work. She gets stunned.

Vinay says I think Ayush is right life partner for Anusha, when he comes back, we will get Ayush and Anusha engaged.

Update Credit to: Amena

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