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Mohi 24th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anusha telling her friend about Ayush. Her friends says such guys are just found in films. Rekha stops Mohi from coming in the function and asks Jhilmil to make Mohi sit in quarters. Vinay looks on and sends Mohi in function. He asks Rekha why is she doing this, Mohi is our guest too, don’t fight today. Anusha tells her about the right guy and good family, where they treat her like a daughter and friend, I m afraid, if I don’t fulfill their expectations. Her friend says I know you will make place in their hearts.

Manohar introduces his family to Vinay’s mum. The lady asks about Mohi. Manohar says she is part of our family. Rekha says yes, like member. She is their maid. She is from poor family, Ayush is great, he brought her here and gave her space in family. She says

its her good luck that she got this family, where they keep her as family member. Vinay gets a call and goes. The lady says I m seeing for first time, that family is respecting maid.

Kaki says she is part of our family. Aaji asks them to sit. Rekha looks on. Mohi sits on the floor. Aaji asks her to sit on the chair. Rekha tells a lady something and sends her. Rekha’s friend Gauri talks to Mohi. She says my sister runs Ngo and she helps poor people, I can arrange donation for you. Mohi says we don’t take anyone’s favor. We fulfill our need.

Gauri says then your village will be developed. Mohi says we don’t have electricity and facilities. Rekha sends another friend. She asks how did Mohis’ family send her, where is her dad. Mohi says I have never seen him. Rekha says villagers are very modern, they take this matter so easy. Vinay comes there and says enough.

He says Gauri is saying a lot, without thinking, who gave you right to talk like this, what do you know about village and villagers. Gauri says you can’t talk rudely with me. Vinay says I did not get rude yet, I know villagers are better than us, we act to be civilized, they are more civilized, they don’t insult anyone. Rekha asks Mohi her father’s name, just don’t say you don’t know the name. Aaji says everything has a time. Mohi cries. Aaji asks her to end this matter here. Aaji says Ayush’s family has right to ask Mohi about this, as she stays with them. Vinay leaves annoyed.

Vinay asks them to call Anusha. Anusha walks downstairs. Ayush and everyone smile seeing her. Anusha comes to Ayush. Mohi recalls her marriage and gets sad. She turns away and walks out.

Mohi says she wants to meet the man who just went Bhuvana. The goons catch her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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