Mohi 24th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Mohi 24th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mohi crying. She is leaving home and recalls the good memories. She thinks of all family members and also Anusha, who showed great support. Mohi thinks she does not deserve to become this house’s bahu. Anusha deserves this place and will be happy with Ayush. Shanta looks on. Mohi leaves. Shanta says after you leave from here, I will ruin your respect, she will not leave her. Mohi recalls her entry in Ayush’s home and steps out of this house.

Its morning, everyone in Gokhale house have a normal routine. Swati gives tea to Madhur. Swati asks Mohi to help her. Kaki asks Mohi to get flowers for puja. Shanta says I should have not come here. Manohar asks what happened. Shanta says my 10000rs is stolen. They all get shocked. Shanta says she has searched everywhere, she did

not get money, someone has stolen it, how will she get money then. They all look on. Manohar asks who will steal in our house. Kaki says yes, you can trust us. Shanta says I m not saying about our family, I m saying about outside, that’s Mohi.

Shubhangi says I did not see Mohi since morning. Shanta asks where is she. They all go to find Mohi. They all could not find Mohi. Shanta says I m not lying, do you mean Manohar that I have hidden money. Sharad says I trust Mausi ji, Mohi is missing, it means she has stolen money. Manohar says Mohi can’t do this. Shanta says then tell me where is the money, Mohi has hidden that she is married.

Shanta says Mohi has run away. Shubhangi says we know her well, she can’t steal. Manohar says yes. Sharad asks Shubhangi to keep quiet, she is saying as if she knows thieves. He says Mohi has done this, Shanta is right. Ayush comes downstairs and hears all this. He says I know Mohi very well, I know she is mischievous, but she can never steal. Shanta says you all got blind, she did magic on you. I m sure Mohi has done this, my money is missing when Mohi left from here. Ayush thinks Shanta will get her money anywhere, what about Mohi, how can she leave house, where will she go.

Manohar asks Sharad how can he say this, he believes anything he hears. This is the limit. Sharad says Mohi made you all believe her lies. He speaks against Mohi, just what Shanta told him. Shubhangi asks Sharad to talk in low tone infront of Manohar. Sharad says why should I, I can’t bear this, Manohar trusts everyone and not me, he is insulting me infront of everyone, just for that Mohi, who is a thief. Manohar shouts Sharad, and goes to slap him. He stops himself. Everyone get shocked.

Sharad argues with him. Manohar scolds him and says don’t dare to call Mohi a thief, she is our family member. Sharad says I m nothing for you, and she is a lot for you. He gets sad and says maybe I had to see this day. He goes. Madhur holds Manohar and says we shall go to police station. Manohar says yes, we will go, not because Mohi is thief, but to file her missing report. They leave. Shanta coughs and smiles seeing ladies cry. Ayush worries for Mohi.

Mohi is at Vinay and Anusha’s place. Anusha talks to Vinay about Mohi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What is this for bullshit? Only rubbish and nonsense. All the serials are the same. Mohi is a very stupid and boring serial with out no logica in it. I hope this serial will end soon just like nisha and her cousins. That was also a stupid and boring serial. Mohi is also a chicken with no head just like nisha. When will you indian people learn how to make a good serial?

  2. Stupid programme

  3. Will mohi &ayush union

  4. this is a remake of a bengali serial which is far better(bcoz of comedy) but a dragged one. mohi character will change and she will be the step sister of anusha. her sister will help her and she will become a doctor too. so wait for another 2 years

  5. I agree with Melissa. This serial is so slow and boring. I dont know why in all the indian serial they always have to take revenge and always have to bring old witches. If this serial was different from the others I would watch it but now I dont like this serial at all.

  6. You Don’t Have To Run Down Any Serial Because Yot Dont Like Is Not Only Indians That Are Watching The Show We Like The Show In Nigeria At Least Is Diffrent From A Bahu Story Line Always.Shanta Problem Is Too Much Love The Entire Cast From Nigeria

  7. Exactly Roselyn! am also wit u, i am enjoying the series.

  8. mary christodoulou

    this serial must chaNGE unless is better to end god!!when they ll say the truth and everything will be better as a story??how can the makers spend money for such a story??i wonder

  9. Shanta is very manipulative women.

  10. Dont say dat,maybe u guys dont love ur fellow indians but enjoy de shows and they’re very educative to us….Mohi as well as Nisha ursk cousins are all very interesting.All serials having these elders are like dat….dadi of suhani and shanti devi are no less than shanta of mohi….so plz allow us enjoy it and lets see where it heads to.All dat said,am watching these series from Tanzania and plz dont spoil de fun by asking de directors to end de series

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