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The Episode starts with Ayush coming home. He smiles seeing Anusha waiting for him. She says she will serve him food. He says we will have candle night dinner. He asks did you have food. She says no. He says I did not know my doctor wife will be like a housewife. She smiles and says this won’t be daily, he has to come home on time. They have food and smile.

Satish is drunk and comes to Shanta’s room. She wakes up and asks what is his state, why did he come, she told him to come when he told. He says stop giving me orders, I m not Mohi to dance on your orders. She asks him to go, they will talk tomorrow. He says no, I want to talk today, what did I get in return. She slaps him and asks what nonsense. He says I want money, no free service now. She says I don’t have money. He says I want 50000rs,

else you will go to jail. She asks what. He says I m blackmailing you like you were blackmailing Mohi. She asks what will you tell everyone. He says that you were using Mohi to ruin this family, by blackmailing her. She asks will everyone agree to you, go from here. He leaves.

Vinay thinks Deepak told that everyone have phone service in Bhuvana’s outskirts, it means I can’t talk to Mohi.

Its morning, Ayush gets bed tea for Anusha and wakes her up with a smile. She gets glad and says I like equality, you are so sweet and trustworthy. She says I will get ready now, and maybe Mohi has come. He says maybe she won’t come. She asks what. He says I mean Mohi’s mum does not allow her to come. She says Mohi promised me that she will come back in 2 days, what if her mum does not send her, lets go to Bhuvana, we will get her back. He says no need, she will come on her own. She says yes, else I will bring her back. He worries.

Sharad asks Shubhangi to bring tea. She says you had 3 cups of tea since morning, I have work now, you make it on your own. He recalls Shanta’s words. He argues with her and she gets a letter. She gets shocked.

She asks Sharad did you resign, whats this. He asks why is she asking. She says I m your wife and have right. He says I have to move on in life, I will get another wife. She reminds he got this job by her brother’s help, how did he resign without asking her and Manohar. He says I m your husband, I earn money, I will do what I want, I don’t need to ask. She says don’t taunt me about money, my dad has much money. He asks her to not just threaten about leaving home, and just leave this time. He goes. She gets upset.

Vinay tells Aaji that Mohi has gone back to Bhuvana for few days. She says she did not go for ever. He says I feel something is going wrong, I got my daughter after many years, I think I should go Bhuvana. She asks him not to be restless, if this truth comes out, it will be tough to manage, wait for some time. He agrees and says if Mohi permits, I would like to tell this truth to Anusha, you know Anusha loves Mohi as her younger sister without knowing truth, she will be very happy knowing this.

Everyone have food. Sharad joins them. Kaki asks will he have tea, is he going to office. He says no, I don’t want tea, I will go office when I have to. Shubhangi gets her bag and is leaving. Kaki stops her and asks where are you going with the bags. Shubhangi says Sharad left job without saying anyone, and now I m leaving home by saying everyone. Kaki says we will sit and talk. Shubhangi says ask Sharad, he wants me to leave home. She cries. Anjali says Sharad will get job, don’t worry. Shubhangi says you are young, you can’t understand. She tells Kaki that Sharad always taunts her. Kaki asks how can you go leaving us. Shanta says let her go.

Kaki scolds Shanta and asks her to stop it. she reminds this is my house, and if Shanta interferes, then she will be insulted by them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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