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Mohi 23rd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ayush’s friend talking to him. He says Ayush is lucky to get Anusha. He asks how did he propose Anusha. Ayush starts telling him. Mohi guards the home and says they all left home trusting me, I can’t sleep, else thief can come. She practices to scare the thief by the stick. Ayush says I was sure that Anusha loves me, proposal was just a formality. He says he reached the restaurant before her. FB shows Ayush waiting in the restaurant and being tensed.

He boasts his heroism to his friend and FB shows how weirdly he behaved in tension. Ayush gives the petal-less rose to Anusha, and lies to his friend. He says Anusha was mad in happiness. Anusha asks Ayush why did he call him. He says its very special, happy father’s day. He lies to his friend that he wished happy valentine’s

day, and romantically told her to celebrate valentine’s day today itself, she started blushing, she understood I m going to propose her, I knew she was excited to hear I love you.

He says he was delaying to say. FB shows Anusha asking Ayush about proposal. Ayush compliments her, and says I like you a lot, you are my best friend, but… He says finally, when we were having icecream, I told…. FB shows he wishes her happy friendship day. Anusha says I always thought you will propose me some day, I was waiting for it, I did not imagine you will propose me like this. She smiles.

Ayush acts about proposal infront of his friend. His friend praises him and says you should have been love guru. Ayush thinks u just hope he never knows what happened with me on that day. Mohi says she will teach the city thief a lesson. Vinay goes to Ayush’s house and asks driver to park the car. He rings the bell. She says its city thief. She goes to see. She asks who is he, what does he want. He asks who is she. She says you tell first, else I will assume you are city dacoit. He says I m not any dacoit, you can open door and see. She asks do you think I m fool, tell me who are you.

He asks who are you, call the family, I know them. She asks is he fooling him, no use to lie, she knows he is city dacoit. He says you did not see me. She asks did he wear suit. He says yes. She asks is he gentleman. He asks is she mad. She says dacoit come as gentleman. He asks is anyone from Gokhale family there.

Mohi says he has all info about the house. She says I know you want to loot this home. He asks her to open the door, else he will tell police that a thief is in my friend’s house. She opens the door and shows stick. He asks is he mad and looks at her clothes. He gets shocked and recalls Mahua. She asks did he call her thief, she will not leave him, she is girl but not weak, she knows how to face thief, she can save the home. She asks him to leave. The sweet box falls. She asks whats in this. He says its sweets. She asks why. He says he got it for Gokhale family, dacoit does not get sweets. She says fine, I will give you a chance, if family knows you, I will not stop you, leave now. He goes. She takes the sweets and shuts box. Mohi acts like Kaki and Swati. She says if the man is not a thief, then what will happen, I will get scolded.

Ayush gets to know someone from Bhuvana came to meet him. Anusha looks at him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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