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Mohi 23rd October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anusha asking Vinay to call Ayush’s family and cancel the engagement. He asks are you crazy. Rekha says what nonsense, how can you say it now, what will guests say. Anusha asks is this not nonsense, when Aaji and Archana are not with me, I will not do engagement without their blessings. She goes. Vinay and Rekha start arguing. Aaji asks them to stop arguing. Vinay says I will talk to Anusha. He says Rekha will be responsible if anything happens. Aaji asks Rekha not to feel bad of Vinay’s words. Rekha goes.

Ayush gets ready. Anjali, Deepa and Shubhangi come to tease him about Anusha. They pull his leg and smile. Anjali asks him what will he do at marriage time, will he become Joru Ka ghulam. They laugh. Ayush asks them to get ready, he does not want to get late on his engagement.

They leave. says I m unable to wait, I wish to reach Anusha in a second.

Vinay apologizes to Anusha and she says no need to say sorry. He says I will talk to Rekha. She asks him not to say anything to mom. He says fine, I promise, Aaji and Archana will be present in all rituals. Rekha comes there and says Vinay…Anusha wants to hear this from me, fine Anusha, I don’t have any problem, it will happen like you want. She takes her words back. Vinay makes Anusha smile. Deepak and Satyakam are on the way. Satyakam worries seeing the police.

Shubhangi gets ready and talks to Sharad. He compliments her beauty and hugs her. She teases him and laughs. Deepak says we got saved, police did not see us, but you have to go back Satyakam. Satyakam gets thinking and they leave from there. Manohar asks everyone to get ready. They ask Mohi to come along, and Ayush gets shocked. Ayush says no need, she will not come with us. They all look on. Satyakam comes home with Deepak and realizes he got saved today.

The family asks Ayush why is he saying so today. Ayush says what will Mohi do there. Mohi says yes, he is right, what will I do there. You all are family, you all go. Madhur asks Ayush why is he saying, whats the problem. Ayush says Mohi always does some mistake and annoys them. Ayush says Mohi has kicked out Vinay and then pushed Rekha, don’t know what will she do now. Mohi says yes, he is right, I have much work at home. Manohar asks Mohi to be silent. He says you are part of this family now.

He asks is she not happy for Ayush. She says nothing like that. He asks her to go and get ready fast. Sharad compliments Ayush. Ayush worries.

The lady asks Mohi how did her family send her. Mohi says she did not see her father till now. Rekha taunts her about her father’s name.

Update Credit to: Amena

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