Mohi 23rd January 2016 Written Episode Update

Mohi 23rd January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ayush leaving for work. Sharad asks Shubhangi for his shirt. She asks him to wear any other shirt. She says I m doing lots of work, Mohi is not here, I m not your maid, I was bringing maid from my Maayka, you stopped me, you earn well and show me. He argues and asks her to leave house if she has problem. Shanta hears them. Shubhangi gets upset with Sharad, and says fine, I will go to my Maayka. He says I just asked for a shirt and you are taking matter like this, whom will I say all this then. He asks her to leave the bag. She asks him to apologize. He says fine, sorry. She says I will give you other shirt. He sees the pocket torn and says I won’t go office today, what work will I do now. Shanta smiles and goes.

Shanta brings Sharad to her room and makes him against Shubhangi,

and says how women control men by her beauty and attitude. He says I understood. He goes to Kaki and asks for tea. Kaki asks are you fine, why did you not go to office. Sharad asks her to ask Shubhangi. Shubhangi says you will laugh hearing reason, he does not have new shirt, I m seeing he always scolds me since Shanta came here. He asks how did Shanta come in this matter. She says you are always with Shanta and taunt me like her, when will Shanta go from here. He says this is Mausi’s elder sister’s house, why will she go, you go if you have any problem. Shubhangi gets angry and says now I will not stay here. Kaki stops them. She says I will arrange shirt for Sharad and sends him.

Satish gets a gift and keeps in Anjali’s room. He goes. Anjali checks the gift and sees the western short dress. He gets angry and goes out. She asks Satish whats this, did you keep this gift, why did you keep it, whats the reason. Satish says you are my Saali, wear it and show me, I got this for you. Shanta looks on and comes to them. Shanta slaps Satish and scolds him.

Satish says I was just joking. Shanta scolds him. He says I just gave a gift. Shanta asks is this the gift for Anjali, apologize to her. Satish says Anjali, I m sorry. Shanta asks Anjali to forgive Satish and not tell anyone to maintain peace at home. She asks Satish to take his gift and sends him. He goes. Shanta tells Anjali that this matter will get high if everyone knows.

Kaki asks Anusha to have dinner and sleep, Ayush may come late, Swati and I will serve him dinner, you also got tired and came, you have to go hospital in morning. Anusha says no, I will wait. Kaki says you might be thinking how is this sasural to work so much, don’t worry, we will take full time servant. Anusha says no, your love makes me happy, I m lucky to get such sasural. Kaki says we are lucky to got educated doctor bahu like you, who adjusted with us so well, I wish no one’s bad sight catches us. Anusha says when Mohi comes back, we will make her study and not let her work, she has to work hard and get good grades to get admission in medical college. Kaki says yes, but Shanta needs this advice. Anusha says I really want to see Mohi becoming doctor.

Shanta fills Sharad’s ears against Shubhangi. He says I understand, I feel to rectify my mistake. She thinks he rejected her choice and married Shubhangi. Now see how I get Shubhangi leave this house.

Shubhangi gets her bag. Kaki asks what are you. Shubhangi says Sharad left his job, and now I m leaving home. They all get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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