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Mohi 22nd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mohi saying Ayush is mistaken. She says she was helpless to wait for him, she has taken food, she has to clean kitchen and has to go and sleep too. Ayush thinks he was thinking she is Indian wife typically waiting for husband. He says I had dinner. She asks why did he not say before and goes. Ayush says he has gone for dinner with Anusha and asks her to be away from Anusha, no need to talk to her. He goes to his room. Anusha asks Rekha why did she not sleep till now. Rekha asks how can I sleep, if my daughter is out at this time, go and change now, else you will catch cold. Anusha says don’t worry, when it rained, Ayush and I stood under the tree.

Rekha asks why, you have the car, what problem he has to sit in your car. Anusha says it was not needed, I don’t have problem

with rains. Rekha says yes, this is just a compromise, you are satisfying Ayush’s ego, I married Vinay and lived on my terms. Anusha says I m doing what I feel right, I like to go out with Ayush on his bike, I m also living my life on my terms. She hugs Rekha and goes.

Madhur talks to Swati and says about his students. He says he wants to make his every student a real life hero, but they feel I m their villain, and even at home… Swati says there is nothing like that, whatever you do is right, at home or university. She pacifies him. He says many has to compromise for the society. Swati asks him not to worry. She says she missed her job a lot, but she does not regret, as it was her decision. Madhur apologizes to her. She says she is happy with her decision. She says husband and wife are like two wheels of a car, man and woman manage the home and kids well in balanced way.

Manohar asks everyone if they are not going for shopping today. Anjali goes for her class. Manohar asks everyone to come fast. Mohi gives him tea and asks him not to worry or shout, as her Nana says BP gets high. Manohar says yes, he is right. He says men don’t take time to get ready. Mohi asks him to keep smiling. The ladies come and they are leaving. Kaki asks Mohi will she get scared at home. Mohi says no, she will manage. They give her many tips about thief coming as gentlemen these days, and Manohar says don’t confuse her, come now. Mohi shuts the door and says she will see who any thief comes here.

She opens her hair and sits guarding. Ayush is on the way and talks to Anusha. He says now he has stopped driving and they have a talk. Sher says she has to leave now and ends call. Archana calls Vinay and tells about a good mahurat for Ayush and Anusha’s engagement. Vinay says he has spoke to their mum long time back. She says Aai is fine. Her says fine, I think we should inform Ayush’s family about engagement, I m near their house, I will tell them. Archana says yes, take sweets and go. He laughs and says fine. He goes to Ayush’s home.

Ayush talks to his friend. His friend tells about Neeta who is mad about Anand. His friend tells him all gossips. Ayush smiles getting Anusha’s message and asks his friend not to read his personal message. His friend teases him and says sorry. His friend says you are lucky to get Anusha and praises her. Ayush recalls his marriage with Mohi and gets sad.

Mohi gets stick and stops Vinay from entering home. He looks at her tribal clothes and gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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