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Mohi 22nd October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sharad suggesting everyone to send Mohi back to Bhuvana. Madhur says yes, he is saying right, we should make Mohi sit in morning bus to Bhuvana. Manohar says Mohi won’t go anywhere Madhur. Madhur asks what are you saying. Manohar says I m saying right. He says everyone knows Acharya, if police arrests him, will we go jail, knowing someone is not bad, why will police arrest Mohi if she knows Satyakam. Sharad says Mohi did not tell us before, she could not told us.

Manohar says she has heard us talking about Satyakam, she maybe scared, so she has hidden this. Manohar says its not Mohi’s mistake. Madhur says but we can’t keep her here, we have to bear it if anything wrong happens. Ayush says if you all decided, I will send her Bhuvana tomorrow. Manohar says Mohi will not

go anywhere, she will stay with us here. Kaki asks Sharad not to worry, Manohar is right, we will not tell Mohi knows Satyakam, she has come here to make her life. Ayush thinks she has come to ruin my life.

Aaji prays and asks Vinay to not eat much sweets. They have a talk. He says he wants sweets for Anusha’s happiness. Aaji asks him not to spoil health. He asks her not to scold him infront of Anusha, give me one. She says you will not change. He laughs and eats sweets. Ayush comes to Mohi while she is working in kitchen. He asks her not to act to be innocent, what was the need to say about Satyakam, he has told her to shut her mouth. She says I was just praying for Satyakam’s safety and your dad heard me. Ayush says this is a lie, person prays in heart, not loudly, you did this to trap me, why can’t you see my happiness. She says I was just worried for Satyakam, and thinks not to tell him about pamphlets.

Ayush scolds her and leaves. She cries recalling why she has married Ayush, to save his life. Sharad and Madhur talk about Manohar’s decision. Sharad says Mohi can become a problem for us, Manohar is taking wrong decision. Madhur says we can’t go against Manohar, we have always obeyed him. Sharad asks do you think his decision is right. Madhur says yes, its not Mohi’s mistake that she knows Satyakam, we are not thinking about her being worried for ourselves, its Ayush’s engagement tomorrow, come.

Ayush comes to Lord’s idol and recalls marriage with Mohi. He thinks about the happenings at home. He says my life has got big storm because of that girl, I can’t even breath, Anusha does not know anything. I have cheated Anusha. He recalls Anusha and how he is cheating her now, but why should he bear the punishment for the mistake he did not do, he will change himself after getting engaged tomorrow, I will become the happy Ayush again. He says Mohi is foolish village girl who works in this house, she is not more than that for me, no one can change my thinking and me. He prays.

Anusha and Aaji are happy seeing the arrangements. Rekha asks Archana not to touch the shagun plate. She asks Vinay to hear her first. She says my friend said widows can’ t touch shagun plate. She argues with Vinay and Aaji. Anusha feels bad seeing Rekha disrespecting Aaji. She asks Rekha to not do anything. Rekha says thanks, I m glad someone understands my feelings here. Anusha says I understand mom, just cancel this engagement by calling Ayush’s family. They all get shocked.

Swati asks Mohi to get ready to come in engagement. Ayush says no need, Mohi won’t come with us.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. mary christodoulou

    how long it will continue this serial like this??are the producers happy??they wont change anything???

    1. I was thinking the same thing, l wish they would make it more exciting and interesting

  2. This serial is much disgusting than airtel 4G ad.

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