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Mohi 22nd November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanta threatening Mohi. She says she will give her one chance and asks her to swear on Lord and tell her, did she get married or not, did she feel sindoor in her maang, did she keep fast for her husband’s life. She says she will punish Molhi if she does not say. She shouts on Mohi. She says I will find out the truth if you don’t say and goes. Mohi cries.

Mohi goes to the temple and talks to Lord. She asks Lord not to punish her, she saw Ayush coming there and Kaki giving me plate, sindoor fell in my maang, and when I did Ayush’s aarti, he stood up, its your Leela. Shubhangi acts like Shanta and teases Mohi. Shubhangi says sorry, I could not control. Mohi says its fine, I don’t feel bad. Swati praises her.

Anusha asks about her studies. Mohi says she had to

give 12th class exam. Anusha says you have to study soon and give exam here. Kaki asks what do you want to become after studying. Swati asks her not to hide. Mohi says I want to become doctor like Anusha Didi, I want to cure my villagers, cure such diseases which my Nana can’t cure, so that villagers don’t need to come to city for treatment, I want to save those who die on the way to the city. She says sorry, maybe I told a lot. Anusha says no, I m so proud of you, I m lucky to get good and dedicated student like you, I also got a aim, we will work hard and fulfill your dream, I will walk with you on every step, this is my promise of a sister. Everyone smile.

Shanta asks Ayush to reply. Ayush says we can’t call there, there is no phone line, if you have to talk to Mohi’s mum, you have to go to village. He thinks why is Shanta willing to meet Mohi’s mum, my everything is at stake. Shanta says I can’t go village, but I can find out Mohi’s husband. My eyes can catch the lie, maybe Mohi married in village, her husband came to city and forgot her, so she came here to find her husband. He says this can’t happen, Mohi did not go out of Bhuvana, how will she get married. She says Mohi would have spoke to her husband, there will be some story. I will prove Mohi is married. She leaves. Ayush worries.

Sharad comes to Shanta. She says no one believes me, I will also believe just Mohi. She says I m foolish to get insulted. Sharad gives her masala chana. She thanks him. he says I don’t like Mohi, its not good to believe her, they should have done enquiry about her. Shanta says don’t worry, we are not alone, just see what I do. They smile.

Mohi talks to Lord and says Anusha asked me to study but I promised Ayush that I will leave this house after his marriage, then how will I study. She says Ayush saved my life, he is very good man. She recalls him and smiles.

Mohi apologizes to Ayush. Ayush asks why does she want to stay here till his marriage.

Update Credit to: Amena

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