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The Episode starts with Ayush talking to Mohi. He asks why is her village people afraid of Pratap. She says it does not matter and asks about his city school. He says there was many kids and it was very bid. He thinks he has to ask her for the info. He asks her about Pratap. The goat gets pushed by him and he apologizes to her. She says she will not talk to him, and gets down the boat. Ayush goes after her to stop her. Pratap and his men come out of the waters.

Pratap asks Kaka what were they talk and scolds him. Kaka says they were talking about village and city schools differences. Pratap gets angry. Rekha talks to Vinay about Ayush, and says Anusha wants to be with joint family and maybe Ayush wants to live alone and in rich home, Anusha should support Ayush, like I support you, you were small

doctor struggling in small villages, today you are top surgeon by my help and support. He thanks her and her dad for helping him, and says he is not happy and peaceful here, he has sacrificed a lot for this luxurious life, he used to do many things for people and satisfaction, today I have everything and still nothing. Rekha says sometimes I feel you will go back in your past life.

Ayush and Mohi are on the way, along with the goat Sundari. He asks how long. She says more distance, come. He says he can’t wait with wounded foot. She asks him to take third leg and passes the stick. He says she is mad, does anyone come so far to go school, I should go home soon after ending my work, else Anusha will get me dead. Mohi says she is getting late, and asks him to come slowly. She goes. He says where am I stuck, listen… He sees the jungle and thinks to leave soon.

Vinay smiles and says I wish this was possible Rekha, but I have come very ahead and coming back is very tough, I m stuck here. He gives the example of an aquarium fish who left the river and got trapped in glass walls. He says let Anusha and Ayush fly and swim, let them do anything, don’t make them dependant, lets try that this marriage is celebration, not any compromise. She says even I don’t wish to, they are coming today evening, let them decide seeing our luxurious life and their adjustment life. He says fine.

Ayush looks for Mohi. He comes to the school and says no wonder this girl knows a lot. He sees Mohi’s intelligence and how she is answering everyone. Mohi says the thing she has in memory and teacher praises her so much that she remember the things she sees of listens just once. Ayush looks on and smiles, thinking she is really great.

Anusha comes to Ayush’s family and invites them for Satyanarayana puja. They all get glad and smile. Deepa asks do they do this puja and all. Anusha looks at her. The family manages and say about the puja. Shubhangi says many people will be coming. Anusha says no, just special guests, mom and dad feel families can know each other if you all come. They agree to come. Anusha says she will leave now, she has to help mom at home. She leaves.

Deepa says I don’t have new saree and dress. Ayush’s aunt thinks why did Rekha invite us. Manohar says I did LLB and she doubts, maybe she really wants to know us, we are from her special guests now. Ayush says he can’t believe he will get network at that point, school is nice, but you are parrot. She says my teacher says I have blessing. He shows his card for 5 secs and asks whats written. She says Ayush Madhur Gokhale, and whole address. He gets stunned seeing her memory.

Pratap fires on Ayush. Mohi and Ayush jump into the river.

Update Credit to: Amena

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