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Mohi 21st October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mohi talking to Lord about Ayush’s engagement. She says the family is so nice and they all love her, I should not be sad, Ayush did big favor on me by bringing me here, I can’t forget this. She prays for Satyakam and says if he is seen here, they will put him in jail, everyone regards him bad man, when he is so good. Madhur says Mohi…. And asks does she know Satyakam. Anusha surprises Aaji by bringing Ayush to meet her. Ayush greets Aaji. Aaji smiles seeing him and likes his down to earth behavior. He asks her blessings so that he keeps Anusha happy. Aaji blesses him and asks him to keep Anusha happy. He says his happiness is in Anusha’s happiness.

Aaji says you are lucky to get life partner like Anusha, and Anusha is lucky to get you. Rekha says Ayush is more lucky.

Rekha taunts Ayush to be struggling journalist, whereas Anusha has good career. Ayush says he will get success soon, once his story publishes, he will get famous, Satyakam’s story was first, not last, there are many stories to be explored. Rekha asks when will his story come, or will he wait till Anusha runs home after marriage. He says I m glad seeing your worry for Anusha, but she will be more happy with me, I promise I will give her all happiness which you can’t give. Anusha holds the necklace he gifted and smiles. Aaji blesses them.

Deepak promises Satyakam that he will find Mohi, and asks him to go back for everyone’s good. Satyakam gets thinking. Madhur asks Mohi how does she know Satyakam. Manohar says I will not tell anything, say the truth. Mohi says yes, I know Satyakam.

Sharad says I had doubt on her, so she was worried when we spoke about Satyakam. Ayush comes and asks what happened. Sharad says Mohi is talking about Satyakam. Madhur says we don’t understand, did Ayush cheat us or Mohi did. Ayush asks what cheat. Sharad says you knew Mohi knows Satyakam. Madhur says Mohi told us that she knows Satyakam. Ayush says what and looks at Mohi. He says I can’t believe this.

He says I really don’t know. Madhur asks Ayush to go, and they will talk to Mohi. Satyakam says he does not wish to go. Deepak asks him to go Bhuvana tomorrow, he can come again later. Satyakam says just spread rumor that I have gone, and I will not go. Deepak says this won’t be good for Mohi. Madhur says its Ayush’s mistake, he should have known about Mohi before getting her here. Ayush says she has come herself, I did not bring her. Sharad says its Mohi’s mistakem she should have told Ayush that she knows Satyakam. Shubhangi asks what about Mohi now. Sharad says I think we should send her back to village, our life will not have any problem. Madhur says yes, we should send her tomorrow morning. Ayush looks on.

Rekha asks Archana not to touch the shagun, as she is a widow. Anusha asks Rekha to cancel the engagement and inform Ayush’s family.

Update Credit to: Amena

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