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Mohi 21st November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anusha going to see Mohi. She says maybe Mohi needs something. Mohi has sindoor all over her maang and sees Ayush in mirror. She does his puja. Shanta comes there and gets shocked seeing Mohi. Anusha thinks where did Mohi go, maybe in hall. Mohi finishes puja and smiles. Ayush gets up and leaves from the hall. Mohi turns and sees Shanta. Shanta looks at Mohi and asks her not to go. Mohi leaves. Shanta calls everyone there.

Sharad asks what happened. Manohar and Madhur also ask the same. Shanta says you all are getting fooled, see what is happening here under your nose. Manohar asks what happened. Shanta says Mohi is cheating you all. Ayush comes and looks on. Swati says Mohi can’t do this, she is not like that. Shanta says wait, there is much more to tell you. Madhur asks

what she wants to say.

Shanta says she had doubt on Mohi, when she heard her talking in sleep, she was sure there is something fishy. Mohi did not eat orange and did not have water, it means Mohi is married, and she has kept fast for her husband. Ayush, Anusha and everyone get shocked. Madhur says this can’t happen, Mohi is unwell so she did not eat food. Swati says we told her about fast, Mohi did not know this. Shanta says fine, what about sindoor, I have seen it filled in Mohi’s maang, married women apply Mohi. Shanta says her husband is in this city, this is the thing which she wants to hide from her mother.

Manohar asks what is she saying, I can’t be wrong in knowing Mohi. Shanta says fine, call Mohi, we will ask her. Mohi comes there and asks what happened. They all get shocked seeing her having colors on her. Swati asks whats all this. Manohar asks Mohi to say. They all smile seeing her. Mohi recalls how she went to her room and applying rangoli colors on her head to hide the sindoor. Mohi says rangoli colors fell on me by mistake. Shanta asks why did she run seeing her. Mohi says I was afraid seeing myself in mirror, I felt Shanta will scold me and ran away, sorry I won’t do this mistake again. Shanta says Mohi is lying.

Shanta says Mohi has filled the colors so that sindoor is not seen, I have seen sindoor, Mohi is very clever, I will expose you. She rubs her hair to show sindoor. Anusha holds Shanta’s hand seeing Mohi crying. Shanta gets angry and everyone look on. Anusha asks her what is she doing, what is this way. Manohar says maybe Shanta is wrong, you said you have difficulty in differentiating colors, maybe you have seen sindoor. Shanta asks am I blind, I have seen sindoor, Mohi is lying.

Swati asks why will Mohi lie to us, what is there to hide if she is married. Anusha says yes, Mohi can’t do this, she won’t lie to us. Manohar asks Mohi to go and clean her face and clothes. Sharad says maybe Shanta is right, Mohi did not eat orange and made excuse of cold. Shubhangi says you are coming in Shanta’s words. They argue and Swati asks them to stop it. Swati says why will Mohi hide this from us, there is no reason.

Shanta promises Mohi that she will bring her true face out. Mohi cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Only nonsense en crap. I am fed up with this serial. This serial is for little children. I’m not gonne watch this show anymore. It is not interesting at all.

  2. We The Foreiners Love The Show Pls Stop Condeming It To Nigerias Mohi Looks Like Typical Fulani Girl Give Them More Time Love You The Entire Cast And Crew From Nigeria

  3. Pls fast moving this serial. Very slowly. Bouring. Pickup this serial director sir.

  4. yeah we Nigerians love the show, especially mohi’s dressing. please why did guys stop showing mereh Nisha ?

  5. Yes we nigerians love the show if you dont like it kindly stop watching it

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