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Mohi 21st January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ayush dropping Mohi to the place. He says car can’t go ahead of this, you have to get down here. Mohi gets sad. Ayush sees the sindoor she applied and asks whats all this. She says its not related to you. He asks what. She says I m married for the villagers’ sight, so I have to do this, leave me here. She asks him to go. He says fine, I will drop you to village. She says no, its fine, I will go, I will never come back in your life, forgive me for my mistakes.

She asks can I ask something. He says I know what you want, and gives her money. He says I will send money every month, don’t worry. She says this is not needed, I don’t want money, I want to touch your feet once. She touches his feet, and he gets stunned. She goes away and Ayush looks on.

Anjali cooks

breakfast and tells Kaki that she will give breakfast to Manohar in some time. Kaka says I find it strange seeing you cooking, go and study, we all got habituated to Mohi. Anjali says I feel Mohi is calling me. Kaki says yes, its just one day, think what will happen if she marries and goes. Anjali says Mohi made us useless by taking all responsibilities.

Madhur and Sharad realize Mohi used to do so many works. Swati says Mohi is not here and everything is messed up. Kaki brings breakfast. Sharad gets angry as breakfast is not nice. He says I missed my imp meeting, it would be good if I had food in office. Kaki says Anjali is young, she made food. Swati says its good Sharad is realizing. Madhur says no, he just started realizing. They laugh. Sharad says I got late and leaves. Anusha comes and greets them.

Ayush comes home. Swati asks did he drop Mohi well. He says yes. They ask him to have breakfast. He says I will freshen up. Anusha asks him to say what Mohi said, they all want to know. He says she is fine, I dropped her. Swati says tell more, we are missing her. He says I m really tired, I will go home and rest. Swati goes to make Ayush’s fav food.

Anusha asks Ayush how was his journey, did he drop Mohi home and meet her family. He says it was good, I did not meet them. She asks why. He says I went to drop Mohi, not meet anyone, I had office work too so I left. She asks did you tell her to inform us. He gets angry and asks her to stop talking about Mohi.

Ayush recalls Mohi, their first meet and his stay in Bhuvana, how she always protected him. He recalls their marriage and her promise of hiding their relation. Ayush feels guilty. His inner self counters him asking is he not happy now, as this is what he wanted. Ayush says I m happy, I don’t regret. He realizes he cheated Mohi and Anusha. Ayush shouts shut up. I did not cheat anyone, I don’t know whats right or wrong, its all good, I did not wish to hurt anyone. His inner self says you did not do good by hiding truth from Anusha and laughs.

Ayush comes to have food. Anusha likes it. Kaki says Mohi taught this dish. Swati says Mohi’s mum used to make this for her, and she made it here, Swati made this today. Shanta says house looks lonely without Mohi. Anusha says I miss her. Ayush leaves food and gets up angrily. He leaves and Shanta thinks to use this.

Shanta tells Satish that she will use Ayush’s weakness and asks did he do the work. He says just see how the bird gets trapped. She asks who.

Update Credit to: Amena

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