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The Episode starts with Madhur looking for the watch Ayush gifted him. Swati helps him and gives the watch. She says Ayush will shower gifts once he gets rich. They talk about Ayush and he is annoyed that Ayush does what he wills, he could have became IAS, why did he became journalist and do this work, I won’t say anything, if he wants to live with Anusha in penthouse, its fine. He leaves. She says I trust my son, he won’t be apart from us ever.

Nana scolds Ayush and asks why did he come out. He says I was managing him, Pratap is dangerous. Ayush says its okay, I know I should listen to you, but how could I keep quiet seeing innocent live in danger, you all were in trouble, how could I sit inside. He apologizes to Harya for bearing so much. Harya says no, you saved my life. He apologizes to everyone

and leaves. Nana says he is brave and honest. Mahua says why should we get guilty of anyone’s death, city guys make relations and go, then never return.

Ayush talks to Harya and asks him not to send sweets. Harya says I will send sweets for lifetime, as you saved my life. Ayush says I did not save your life, Pratap was just acting, he would have not done anything. Harya says you don’t take him light, Pratap is dangerous, but he can’t harm Vaid ji, as Mohi is regarded as daughter by…. Ayush asks what. Harya says we all regard Mohi as our daughter.

Anusha tries calling Ayush and does not connect. She tells Bua that she wants to share everything with Ayush, I m tensed by mom’s behavior there, don’t know how they will think of me. Bua says they won’t misunderstand, we should keep satynarayana puja, I believe all problems will end. Anusha says I think its good idea, I will convince mum. Rekha hears them and smiles.

Ayush records a message for Anusha and tells about his village stay and friendly people. Mohi brings and gives him milk. She covers her face in ghunghat and says go soon, Pratap is keeping eyes on me and you. He says I will go tomorrow, and spits the milk and asks whats this. She says she added some herbs for his wound. She says you said wrong foot to Pratap. He says I was nervous, so it happened, but who is Pratap. She says no one knows about Pratap. She tells him about solar energy and its principle. He says how strange, I did not think this ever. She leaves.

Anusha and her Bua talk about puja and are about to tell Vinay. Rekha comes and says she wants to invite Ayush’s family for puja, both families can know each other. Anusha smiles. Rekha asks Anusha to invite them today evening, and she will manage everything to make it memorable for them. Ayush thinks he has to do something, and sees Mohi. He asks Mohi where is she going. She says school. He says he will come along and walks to her. She asks is his foot fine now. He looks on. He says he wants to see her school, as Harya is forcing him to have sweets and her mum is making him eat chillies. She asks can he walk to that distance. He says yes, maybe I can get network there and talk to family. She says fine, come. They go from there and she senses someone looking at them.

They walk a lot and he asks where is her school. She says there, at the top of mountain. He asks how to cross the river. She says she can swin but her books will get spoiled. She calls Kaka and asks him to come and sit in the boat. Kaka coughs. She asks did he not take medicines she gave him, and gives him herbs to eat it to get cough relieve. Ayush asks are you sure this herb is for cough. She reminds her Nana is Vaid, I stayed with him and got info. He asks why does she come so far to school, and asks about Pratap. She recalls Pratap’s shutting her school.

Ayush says he can’t walk more and gets tired. Ayush’s family finds it weird that Rekha invited them for puja.

Update Credit to: Amena

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