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Mohi 20th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanta dropping something. She asks Mohi to pick it. She tells Mohi that she did not clean the room. Mohi says she cleaned some days before. Shanta asks am I lying, clean well, I will stand here and see. Mohi gets thinking. Shanta sits and makes Mohi clean the room. Mohi gets tired. She sees water and stops recalling Shubhangi saying about fast, that they can’t even drink water. Shanta looks at her and asks her to have water. Mohi does not drink and Shanta insists her, as she is thirsty.

Mohi says she will drink after ending the work. Shanta insists and looks at her. Mohi thinks and coughs, dropping water fall. She says she is having cold. Shanta asks her to go washroom and dries her saree. She sends Mohi and thinks Mohi is strange, she gets vomit by water, she looks cursed like having fast. She says maybe Mohi is lying to me, she is not drinking water, maybe she is keeping fast, but married women keep fasts, does this mean Mohi is married.

Anusha gets ready and everyone compliment her. Swati says Ayush will come soon. The women make their husbands sit for the puja. The man crack jokes and laugh. Madhur asks them to start puja. The women do the puja, tilak and aarti. Anusha looks on and smile. Kaki asks for her gift. Manohar says you have all memories and happiness. Kaki says I can’t carry your memories. Manohar gifts his wife. They all laugh. Swati and Shubhangi also do puja. Madhur gifts Swati. Mohi looks on from far. Sharad gifts Shubhangi. Ayush comes downstairs with Shanta. Anusha talks to him and they smile. Mohi sees them and wishes to get some way, so that she can do aarti of Ayush.

Ayush gets a call and passes by Mohi. Kaki gives the aarti plate to Mohi. Mohi goes out to see Ayush. She holds the sindoor and thinks what to do now. She keeps it back. She recalls her marriage with Ayush. She sees Ayush in mirror and does puja. She sits down to pick a ring, and sindoor falls over her maang. Shanta walks towards Mohi. Mohi looks at sindoor. She does puja of Ayush and aarti seeing him in the mirror. Shanta sees this and is shocked.

Manohar asks Shanta what happened. Shanta says Mohi is cheating you all, Mohi is married. They all get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What a stupid serial is this. Mohi is also stupid. Hoe dumb can she be? She is acting like a little child. Shanta is a with. I dont understand why the indian people always make serials with old dogs/witches. What is the use of all this drama. Be carfull with what you are showing to people. Some people might be doing it in real life.

    1. Agree with you, Melissa. These serials need to exhibit some sense of social responsibility. What exactly are they preaching with serial after serial showing how virtuous it is to turn into a dumb cow once you are martied to a man, regardless of how worthless he is. Ayush isn’t decent enough to deserve one dumb witted girl to want to be with him and here we got two purportedly intelligent girls going nuts over him. Must be dome sort of genetic problem because they are half-sisters. Btw, I see Vinay’s fascination with the family but what does he see in Ayush?

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