Mohi 20th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Mohi 20th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mohi asking Shanta not to hurt this family. She says I did not lose and you did not lose. She sends Shanta and recalls her marriage with Ayush. Anusha comes and asks why are you sad as if you won’t come back, you will come in 2-4 days, I will send Ayush to pick you. Mohi prays and meets everyone. Kaki says you are going Mohi, why do we feel you are going for long. Mohi recalls how Kaki took care of her.

She goes to Manohar and recalls her words. He says you have to come back and take care of me. Mohi apologizes to them if she has hurt anyone. Swati says you are our daughter, and Mohi recalls her words. She cries and hugs Swati. Anjali asks why are you all reacting as if Mohi is going forever. Mohi hugs Anjali. Anjali says come soon, I will miss you. Sharad asks Mohi to forget if she is hurt by his words, and tell them if she needs any help. Anusha asks Mohi to come. Ayush takes Mohi.

Mohi recalls how she came in this house and hugs Anusha. Ayush also hugs Anusha. Mohi looks at them. She recalls all the time spent in the house and gets sad. Everyone look on and get teary eyed recalling Mohi’s sweet kiddish words.

Its night, Swati asks Madhur to come for dinner. She asks Anjali why is she not focused in studies. Anjali says I m missing Mohi. Madhur asks Anjali not to worry, as people come and go in our life. He says we will have food.

Manohar and Kaki miss Mohi. Manohar gets sad. Satish says don’t know when will Mohi come back, I m doing all work. Shanta says son in law is always doubted, let Mohi come back then I will play my game, till then be with Manohar. Vinay is restless and recalls Deepak’s words. Anusha wakes up from her sleep. She recalls Mohi and smiles.

Mohi apologizes to Ayush and says can I ask for something. He says yes, I know what you want and gives her money. He says I will send you money every month. She says I don’t want money, I want to hear something from you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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