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The Episode starts with Anusha talks to her Bua. She likes the laddoo and says its best sweets, mom likes her status and class than her looks, this does not look like designer sweets, mom’s taste is different that I can’t share my feelings with her, I can share with dad. Bua talks to her and says Rekha wishes best for me. Anusha says yes, penthouse, cars etc, but who to decide this is best for me, marrying love is best. She says mom has told so much at Ayush’s home. Bua says Rekha is not wrong in her place, you have tea.

Nana talks to Mahua. He says don’t value everyone in same mindset, all city people are not same. Ayush comes there and greets them. He says he has pain in his foot and came to get checkup done. Mahua says you are not going back so soon right. Ayush says Kaki is right. Mahua

asks him to talk to Nana. Ayush says his pain is increasing some times. Nana asks him to sit. Nana checks his foot and says bones are at right place, I don’t understand why is pain not going. Ayush thinks this pain won’t go till he gets info about Satyakam from them, he will go with the evidence of Satyakam’s existence.

Pratap and his goons are coming there. Gangi informs Mohi about Pratap coming there, and asking about city guy. Mahua says I knew city guy will bring problems. Mohi and Nana say they will hide Ayush. Mahua says why will we hide, ask him to go. Ayush asks whats happening. They all argue. Ayush says what wrong did I do. Nana hides Ayush. Pratap and his men come in the village. Nana stops them.

Nana asks why did he come here. Pratap says he heard city guy has come, so he has come to meet him. Nana says yes, but he is not here. Pratap says you will know about him, he came yesterday to you. Nana says he came to get wound healed and then left. Pratap says then he stayed at Harya’s place. He says Mohi may know it, as she went to give him food at dinner and breakfast. He says I will find him myself. He asks his men to search in their house. Ayush hides and looks on tensed.

Nana stops the men. Harya comes asking where is the city guy, I want to make him taste this sweet. Nana holds his head. Pratap looks at Harya. They all get tensed. Harya says I will come later. Pratap scolds Harya and says everyone is caring for city guy. He eats the sweets and says its good, you don’t need my opinion, you want to know the city guy’s opinion. Pratap asks Nana to tell where is he. He gets angry and aims gun at Harya, asking them to say else its not his mistake if he shoots Harya.

Pratap starts counting down. Ayush comes out and stops Pratap. Ayush says let Harya go. Pratap asks Nana why is he lying to them for strangers. Ayush says talk to me, let them know. Pratap asks why did he come here. Ayush says his foot was hurt and he came to this village looking for doctor, they are helping me for humanity sake, I came here to take medicines, its not their mistake.

Pratap says fine, agreed that they are saying truth. Nana asks Pratap to leave. Pratap says Ayush is a spy, he was taking photographs and Mohi is helping him. Ayush recalls it. He says you should slap the man who told you this, think if I was govt spy, I would have done my work silently, I asked Mohi and took pics of this place as this place is beautiful.

Pratap says you should not be seen in this village, if you are here after 2 days, then I will not leave you and everyone supporting you. Pratap leaves with his goons. Ayush looks on.

Rekha says I was thinking to invite Ayush and his family at home for Satyanarayana puja, both families can know each other. Ayush thinks Mohi is not so innocent as she looks, he has to do something.

Update Credit to: Amena

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