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The Episode starts with police asking Satyakam to surrender else they will shoot. Ayush comes outside. He says he has no gun, he is from press, he is a reporter and shows his ID. He tells the inspector that he is writing article on tribal people. The inspector says his boss Savant called him, he is worried. Ayush says I m fine, I will go back soon, I remember everything. He asks why did he get police force, is there any problem. The inspector says we are finding Satyakam. Ayush says but he is dead. The inspector says we got info he is hiding here. Ayush says tell me about it, this breaking news can set my life.

Mohi comes there. Ayush says she is Mohi, she is helping me in tribal life article. The inspector asks him to remember its better to stay away from thes tribal people. He returns the ID

card and says I think we got wrong info. They leave. Satyakam hides and looks on. Mohi tells Satyakam that they are gone. Satyakam says I was mistaken. Mohi says he is expert in lying.

Anusha is worried for Ayush and thinks to inform Ayush’s family. Anusha calls Swati and thinks how to tell her. She thinks she should not tell them. She says she will meet her if she comes that way. Anusha asks did she talk to Ayush. Swati says no, his phone is not connecting, Anjali sent him message, but he did not reply, did you talk to him. Anusha says no, there is network issues, I will talk to him if he gets signal. Swati says fine, I will inform you if he calls us.

Ayush tells Satyakam that he respects him after what he has done, and he knows why people respect him. Satyakam says you proved us wrong, that all city guys are not wrong. Ayush asks Mohi to forgive him. Satyakam says yes, he saved our life. Ayush says and sundari’s life too. Mohi says fine, I m forgiving as Baba said. Ayush smiles.

Ayush asks is there anything to eat, I m hungry. She says she does not have anything. Satyakam asks her to give the snacks to Ayush. She gives him chana, and asks him to eat it or not, its his wish. Satyakam says chana is better than being hungry.

Pratap tells his men about police, whom Ayush has called. He says Mohi and Satyakam are supporting the city guy. He plans and says Ayush should be killed, but not Mohi, as he is going to marry her. He says he will make Mohi her slave, this is her punishment. A man comes running to him, and says police is going, city guy spoke to him and police went, while Satyakam is hiding. Pratap says this is proof that Satyakam is cheating us. The man says now Satyakam has to die. All the men agree. Mahua waits for Mohi and then goes to find her. Pratap and his men leave to find Satyakam. They come to the place and do not find anyone. Anusha is restless. Swati calls her and asks is she fine, whats the matter. Anusha thinks Swati can get worried, if I tell her that Ayush is in danger. Ayush gets hurt. Satyakam and Mohi take him. Mahua says Mohi is nowhere and worries. Harya and Vishnu go to find Mohi and ask Mahua not to worry.

Satyakam asks Ayush to take rest till he comes. Mohi asks where is he going. Satyakam says to teach Pratap a lesson, he did bad to backstab me. She worries and asks him to take care. Satyakam leaves.

Pratap asks about Mohi. He tells Mahua that Ayush has flown with Mohi, he should not be left alive now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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