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The Episode starts with Mohi and everyone making Sudha trapped in her own words. Sudha makes excuse and leaves. The family praises Mohi. Ayush tells Anusha that he will drop her home. Anusha says there is something wrong, I felt weird, I m not getting good feelings about Sunil, I felt his behavior was wrong. He says Sunil was hesitant to take money, he did not openly talk, Deepa has to tell whats the matter, if this tension stays for long, matter can get worse, come, I will drop you home. Sunil and his friends have a talk about fooling Ayush of Rs 50000. Sunil says they will bet and earn money. He gets agent’s call and bets amount. He says it will be fun to enjoy by Ayush’s money.

Ayush stops seeing people fighting. He tells Anusha that he can get any story and goes to see. Satyakam is also there.

Satyakam stops the fight and says its mistake of both people. Satyakam leaves and Ayush does not get to see him. Mohi sees the idol and gets glad. She calls everyone to see, and asks them to see tears in Ganesh eyes. They all sit close to see. She says it means he loves all of us and does not want to go, this is the sign of his love. They all smile. Manohar asks what else they say in your village. Mohi says anything wished by true heart is got. Swati says your devotion is such innocent, everyone will be happy if they think like you. Mohi cries.

Anusha comes home and talks to Rekha. She asks Rekha what is she doing tomorrow, its Visarjan at Ayush’s home. Rekha says sorry, I won’t be able to come without Vinay, he is going Mumbai. Vinay says he has urgent operation, I will inform Ayush’s family, I think Rekha should be away from them. Rekha says enough, why don’t you see Mohi’s mistake. He says I m very upset, I got ashamed today, I felt to leave you and just go. Rekha says like you left many years ago, leaving me and little Anusha.

Anusha says please mom, don’t start it all over again, I have seeing your fights since childhood, stop it, forget everything, its better we don’t talk. She leaves. Rekha says Anusha knows half truth which you said, that I made you helpless to leave village and come here, she does not know the reason that I got you for your career and Anusha’s bright future, you are wrong, you know it, you should feel sorry. He asks what does she mean. She says she did not get answers till now. He asks what is it, ask me. He leaves.

Sneha talks to Mohi and asks about her father. Mohi gets sad and prays to Ganesh to make her meet her father once, she will fight with him and ask why did he leave her and her mum like this.

Anusha cries and says I was so happy in childhood, and today so many fights, why don’t everything become like before. She sees the old pic and says she wants both her parents. Vinay makes Mahua’s sketch. He recalls Mahua and Bhuvana. He cries and keeps the drawing there. Its morning, Anusha comes to meet Ayush’s family and tells her parents could not come. The pandit calls them to come for Visarjan aarti. Mohi opens the door and sees police. She gets shocked and recalls Ayush’s words. She thinks did police come to catch me, they got to know my and Satyakam’s relation, how shall I face them.

The inspector says they have Ayush’s name warrant. They all get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I bet vinay is mohis dad 2

  2. for sure raina vinay is mohis dad,dnt u see d bound between anusha and mohi?

  3. It’s starting to get interesting. Nice

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