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Mohi 1st February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Swati talking to Anusha and Anjali. She tells Anusha to make coconut laddoos for Ayush to make him happy. Anusha thanks her for the good idea. Satish checks Mohi’s letter and makes a copy. He seals it in envelope. He writes Ayush’s name on it. He says none can catch me now and smiles. Ayush sits doing his work on reporting. Anusha calls him and asks when is he coming home. He says don’t know, work is pending. She asks him to come soon. He gets angry and says I have to study many files, you can’t understand. He ends call. She gets sad.

Swati comes to Anusha and finds her sad. She asks did Ayush say anything, husbands are such, they don’t remember house and wife being busy in work, Ayush loves you a lot, don’t think this. Anusha thanks her. Swati leaves. Anusha smiles.


is on the way on his bike and collides with a lady going in burqa. The vegs fall down. Ayush apologizes and picks the vegs. The lady keeps the letter in his bike bag. Ayush gives the begs and says sorry. He leaves from there. Its actually Satish in burqa. He says Ayush see your own truth today.

Swati asks Anjali and everyone to be serious. Ayush comes home. Ayush asks them why are they upset, did anything happen. Madhur acts sad and says its good you came, we were waiting for you. Ayush asks what happened. Swati says Anusha….. Ayush asks what happened to her. Sharad and Anjali smile. Madhur says Anusha is unwell, there is some reason. Swati says we don’t know, she is not coming out of room, maybe she had much hospital work.

Swati says I have sent food for her to her room. Ayush says you should have called me and informed, I would have come home early, did anyone come to meet Anusha. Swati asks who. Madhur asks why, was anyone coming. Ayush says no, I m just asking. He thinks did blackmailer do anything, but no, he will get money from me, I m overthinking. Madhur asks Ayush to go and see Anusha. Ayush says nothing. Swati says we did not ask Anusha the matter. Anjali says I went to her room, she did not open the door, go and see. Ayush says yes, I will see. He goes upstairs. They all start laughing.

Ayush goes to his room and recalls blackmailer’s words. He sees his inner conscience who says the truth will come out eventually. Ayush feels I m cheating Anusha by hiding this truth, he is running away from his own truth. He thinks to say the truth. He has to say that marriage with Mohi was an accident, there was no relation with Mohi. His conscience shakes him up with the questions to live with fear or live free. Ayush shuts his ears and says its enough, I have to tell Anusha, I can’t fall in my own eyes and raise in other’s eyes.

Ayush comes to Anusha and sees her lighting candles in the room. She asks why is he scared as if his mistake is caught. She jokes and surprises him with special dinner. He says you shocked me really. She asks when did we meet. He recalls and says seven years ago on same day. She says that’s why I planned this dinner tonight. They smile.

Ayush says your love is my strength, there is something else I need to confess to you Anusha.

Update Credit to: Amena

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