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Mohi 19th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anusha crying recalling her parents fight. Aaji comes to console her. She says she also tried to change things, but she has accepted her failure. She says things never got fine, and she has made herself away from her son. Aaji cries and says I m satisfied hearing him on the phone. She says things got worse between Vinay and Rekha now, I know Vinay should do what Rekha wants. Anusha hugs Aaji and they both cry.

Mohi comes to the inhouse temple. She talks to the Lord and says this family is so good, they did not make me feel I m stranger, they all love me a lot, I have given promise to Ayush, I can’t break that promise, its good for all if I don’t talk to Baba. She burns the pamphlet. She says forgive me Baba and cries.

Ayush works and Sharad asks him to enjoy life,

its 2 days left for his engagement. They recall their old time and laugh. Ayush says Sharad has become boring. Sharad says you will also become boring after marriage, its good relation and if we understand it, we will get happiness. He thinks Ayush got gift for Anusha and he will tease him now. He asks Ayush whats in this box, is this for Swati? Ayush says no. Sharad asks is this for Deepa, Shubhangi? Ayush says no, this is for Anusha.

Sharad calls everyone and tell about Ayush’s gift. Kaki sees the gift. Ayush says its not costly, I just bought it for Anusha. Kaki says he did not tell us, his choice is good, Anusha is lucky to get a husband like you. Mohi gets sad. Shubhangi tries the jewelry on Mohi and says its beautiful, it will suit Anusha too. Ayush comes and gets shocked. He asks what are they doing and takes the necklace back.

Ayush asks how can they equate Anusha with Mohi. Kaki asks what is he saying. Ayush says Mohi could have stopped them, Anusha is his life and he can’t give her thing to any stranger ever. Shubhangi asks Mohi not to feel bad. Manohar cheers up Mohi. Archana comes to Anusha and asks for headache medicine. Anusha says I will massage your head. Archana talks about Vinay and Rekha. Anusha asks her not to talk about this, she does not want to solve their fights, she got habitual eeing their fights.

Archana says I know you get hurt seeing them fight. She pacifies Anusha. Ayush recalls Mohi and is angry. Ayush gets Anusha’s message to meet tomorrow morning and smiles. He replies even I wanted to meet you, I have a surprise. He says how does Anusha know me, she does not let me be upset, she brings smile on my face. Kaki talks to Shubhangi and says Ayush respects women, Mohi was adamant to come with him, if he did not like, he should have not got her, why did he insult her, whats wrong with him, I should talk to him.

Mohi says everyone feels Satyakam is bad man and wants to send him jail. Madhur hears her and asks how does she know Satyakam.

Update Credit to: Amena

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