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The Episode starts with Ayush working on his file and talking to friend. Mohi comes to him and asks will he have anything, tea or coffee. He asks her to leave and not worry for her. She says sorry and turns to go. He asks how is her health now. She gets glad and smiles. She says she is fine now, she has used her lep and reminds her way to get smoke and save him from mosquitoes. She says she was dying in this smoke, and thanks him for saving her. He says I would have saved anyone in your place, I saved you for humanity, don’t do mistake to think this as something else. She gets sad.

Mahua talks to Satyakam. She cries seeing Vinay’s pic and says Vinay does not know Mohi is her daughter, he won’t be able to do father’s duty. He just gave her tears. Anusha comes to meet everyone. Swati blesses

her as she has come on one phone call. Mohi comes and greets Swati. Mohi says she will help them. Shubhangi says no, just married women do this puja. Swati tells about the puja, where they do husband’s aarti and pray for his long life and happiness.

Shubhangi says we can’t even have water and food. Kaki asks why are you explaining her, she is not married. Mohi recalls her marriage with Ayush. Kaki asks Mohi why is she feeling bad, Anusha has to do puja for Ayush. Mohi thinks how to do this puja for Ayush. Shanta asks Mohi to come. She asks Mohi to taste the orange and say how is it. Mohi thinks how will she do puja if she eats anything. Mohi says I will get another orange. Shanta stops her and asks does this come for free, fruits are costly in market, taste this and tell me. Mohi says if you have tasted, it means its bad. Sharad comes. Shanta says see her Sharad, Mohi is not listening to me. Sharad says he heard everything and asks Mohi to obey Shanta. Mohi takes the orange and sneezes. She says she has fever, orange and lemon makes her get cold. Sharad and Shanta ask her to leave.

Sharad says I will taste and say. He eats oranges and likes it. Shanta says fine, I will eat now. Shanta thinks Mohi was lying, why is she not eating anything. Anusha looks for Ayush. Madhur asks her to come, and jokes. He says he always scolds Ayush, Ayush would not love me. Anusha says Ayush loves you a lot, he knows you are concerned and worried for him, you have full right on him. Madhur gets glad and says he is going to ask her something now, she will not lie to him, he knows her.

He asks her whether Rekha dislikes Ayush. Anusha recalls Rekha’s words. Madhur says you took much time to answer, I got my answer, you can go. Anusha recalls Rekha’s words against Ayush. Anusha thinks how to tell Madhur that Rekha has got unpredictable.

Shanta gives water to Mohi and asks her to drink. Mohi makes excuse and Shanta insists. Mohi worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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