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The Episode starts Ayush’s family talking. Madhur says sweets are costly for us, not them. Manohar says we will take costly gifts to them. Madhur says why not, we will sell our house and give an imported car to them, Rekha is right, like I feel Ayush is not suitable for Anusha, she may feel so being Anusha’s mum. Manohar says topic ends, as Ayush and Anusha find each other suitable. Deepa says Anusha can’t adjust here after the love ends, love marriages are just goo for few days. She taunts Sharad and Subhangi.

Rekha comes to Anusha and asks why is she crying. Anusha says as if you don’t know. Rekha asks Vinay to see her reaction. Anusha says your efforts have showed. Rekha says I agreed to this relation for you, I kept my self esteem away and went to them. Anusha asks why did she mention

that penthouse. Rekha says I m wrong, as I want my daughter and her husband to live well. Anusha says you said to break a joint family. Rekha says they would be happy to see Ayush moving to good place. Vinay says Anusha loves family. Rekha says that’s crowd, not family. Vinay says I m sure she will be happy there. Rekha asks is she sure.

Anusha says Ayush’s happiness also matters, I know he can’t be happy away from his family. Rekha asks not happy along with you? Shubhangi tells Sharad that Deepu was taunting on their love marriage, so what if we married by elder’s wish and blessings. He says you know Deepa. She says no one told anything to her, she can’t see anyone happy. He asks her not to give her importance. He makes her smile. Deepa’s words have upset her mum. Her mum says why does Deepa do this, why did she taunt Shubhangi and Sharad, even when Shubhangi apologized. Manohar asks did you talk to Deepa. She says no, she did not tell me anything, even then I tried asking her, your love spoiled her, she became stubborn. She takes care of her knew pain and cries. He pacifies her and says once Ayush’s marriage gets fixed, they will meet Deepa’s inlaws and talk about the matter. He says its enough that Deepa is with us and happy. He takes care of her. She says I m fine. He asks her to sleep, and not worry.

Swati sees Ayush’s pic and cries. She blesses him. Ayush is scared of the animals. He gets asleep. A feather falls over him. Mahua talks to a lady and says she is helping her in the fair to earn money to do Mohi’s marriage well. The lady says don’t worry, she is a good girl and praises him. Mohi comes and says she went to give food to city guy. Kaki says she was talking about her marriage. Mohi says she will not marry and always be with her mum. Mahua smiles as Mohi hugs her.

The goat wakes up Ayush. Mohi says don’t be afraid and gives him tea. He asks tea at night. She says no, its morning 9am. He sees its all dark there and checks the time. Ayush’s family have a good time. Manohar and Sharad play chess. They all miss Ayush. Manohar praises himself that he always wins. Sharad wins and Manohar asks how can this happen. They all laugh. Sharad says there is no fun to win without Ayush. They all get sad and feel Ayush should have come soon.

Mohi makes Ayush wash his face and provides water. He asks does no one has bathroom here, everyone has bathroom in city. She says they are helpless. He does not get network and thinks he has to get info from her. She asks does his phone has camera. He says yes. A man looks at them. She looks around and says I felt someone was here. He says there is no one. She asks him to take pic of her, mum and Nana. He says fine and goes with her.

The man informs Pratap that Ayush maybe spy. Pratap asks did guy and Mohi saw you. The man says no. Pratap says I think I have to meet him, if he is really a govt spy, I will not leave both of them.

Pratap argues with Nana and asks about Ayush. He aims at Harya and asks him to say. Ayush and Mohi look on hiding.

Update Credit to: Amena

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