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The Episode starts with Vinay and Rekha talking to Ayush’s family. Manohar and Madhur say they will not take any dowry, as they are already giving their daughter. Vinay says they have good mindset. Rekha says she can give anything as gift to them, she believes her daughter won’t go from her, she will get a son in the form of a son in law, I decided what to gift them. She says she has a penthouse and is vacant now, I feel Anusha and Ayush should settle there after their marriage. Ayush’s family is shocked. Swati says you mean they will stay separate from us. Rekha says yes. Manohar says you have right to gift them, but we know Ayush, I don’t think he will not accept such costly gift and will be separated from this big family.

Rekha says I want them to be happy, if he stays in rich home, he

will get contacts and help in his profession. Anusha’s college is nearby, she won’t have to travel more. Anusha says its okay, I can travel, I will be happy to stay here with everyone. They all smile. Ayush’s aunty says Anusha won’t have any problem. Rekha says I know, Anusha adjusts everywhere, just consider about penthouse once, discuss with Ayush, we are not in hurry. Vinay says we will leave now, next meeting will be in our home, I m sure Anusha will stay happy here. Manohar says trust us, we have less facilities, but she will get happiness always.

Vinay says that’s the most important thing, which everyone does not get it, you all are lucky. Nana gives the medicines to Ayush and asks him to apply the lep. He says you can go tomorrow. Ayush asks how, I have to stay here to do my work. He says if I did not get well, how will I go back, I have much pain, can I stay here for few days till I get fine. Nana gets angry and sees all villagers there. The man says he is making excuse. Nana says he has wound, he will get fine in 2-3 days. The men laugh and says we feel he will take one week. Nana says the problem is where to keep him. They say they don’t trust city man, they don’t have place. A man says he will keep him in his house. Nana asks Harya about his small house. Harya says his stable has place. Nana asks Ayush to go back to city than staying in stable. Ayush says no, stable will work for me.

Nana asks Harya to take Ayush. Harya takes Ayush. The men think to wait till Ayush gets fine and then take him to Pratap. Ayush moves his foot and everyone look at him. Ayush sees the people sitting and staring at him. Harya asks him to have sweets. Ayush eats I and says its good. The man says what if I want to sell the sweets in city. Ayush thinks so he wants to open sweet shop in city and sell it.

Anusha tries calling Ayush and thinks where is he. Harya shows the bed for Ayush and asks him to sleep in open. Ayush sees Anusha’s pic and smiles. He does not get network. Anusha says don’t know where is he staying, did he have food or not, his phone is not connecting. Ayush gets shocked seeing a lady there. Mohi shows her face in lantern light. He asks what is she doing here. She says she came to see did he run being afraid. He says I m not afraid. She says you were afraid seeing the villagers. She asks him to have food, he has to take medicines now.

He says wow, dry roti, onion, chilli, do you also eat this or is this special for guests. She says we also have this, eat. He eats the food. She shows honey. He is troubled by the mosquitoes. She smiles and asks why is he dancing. He says mosquitoes are making me dance and asks for mosquitoes coil. She says she has it, and goes to get it.

She gets some sticks and burns it. He says its working. She scares him by telling about animals and he gets worried. He says tiger and gets tensed. She leaves asking him to sleep. Ayush looks around.

Pratap says if city guy is a spy, I will not leave him. Anusha talks to Rekha and defends Ayush.

Update Credit to: Amena

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