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Mohi 17th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anusha saying the love and blessings are the gifts for her, she does not want jewelry. They all get glad and asks her to choose any designs. Mohi looks on. Manohar asks them to go for shopping and also asks them to give some money to Ganpati pandaal. Ayush sees Mohi’s pic and does not show to his friend. His friend asks him about breaking a new story. Ayush says you will know it on time, I got my life saved and had to pay a big price. Shubhangi asks Mohi to come. Mohi comes infront of Anusha. Swati says this is Anusha. Anusha smiles. Mohi thinks of Ayush’s words.

They say Ayush has got Mohi from village for you Anusha, as he wanted to get a help for Anusha. Anusha thinks why did Ayush not tell me about this girl, maybe he forgot. Ayush gets the report and thinks. His

friend asks is he thinking about his honeymoon. Ayush says nothing like that, engagement date is not fixed till now. His friend asks him to get married soon. Ayush gets angry and scolds him. His friend Nilesh gets stunned seeing his reaction and apologizes. Ayush says sorry, I m stressed by work pressure. Nilesh says fine, and leaves.

Anusha’s sandal breaks and they think how to go for shopping now. Shubhangi asks her to try her sandal. Mohi says I will repair the sandal, I know it, I have big needle. Anusha says no need, we will buy a new one. She stops Mohi and removes her sandal. Anusha stares at her. Mohi says this is easy, I will repair it and come. She goes.

Mohi repairs the sandal and recalls everyone saying Anusha that Ayush got Mohi as her helper. Anusha comes there. Mohi says I do all the work in my village. Anusha asks why did she come to city. Mohi recalls her marriage with Ayush.

Vinay and Rekha have an argument. She tells him that she is invited as the judge to choose the best compatible couple. Vinay laughs that they are the most incompatible couple. She says yes, but we have to keep the fake perfect image. He says fine, I will get ready and have a plastic smile on my face. Anusha comes home and Ayush calls her. She rejects his call and he messages about dinner. Anusha says sorry, can’t come and recalls Mohi.

Ayush comes home and gets to know Anusha came home and has seen Mohi here. He gets stunned. Mohi works with everyone in the kitchen. Ayush comes there and looks at her. His aunt asks him why did he not tell Anusha about Mohi, we told Anusha that you got Mohi for Anusha. Ayush says Kaki I told you, I did not get Mohi. Swati says fine. Shubhangi says Anusha’s sandal broke and Mohi repaired it to amaze Anusha. Ayush goes and calls Anusha. He says Mohi told her something, so Anusha is not taking my call. He stops Mohi and asks her whatr did she tell Anusha that she became upset. Mohi says she said the truth.

Anusha cries saying Ayush has really hurt me and rejects his call.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. A request to makers. As mohi is remake of bengali serial ishti kutum, pls dont contiue mohi, just like that story as ishti kutum is a very bad series, with inappropriate content. Pls continue mohi as a good character and showcase her as a good dr. This is a heartfelt request as ishti kutum is the worst story. Pls dont spoil channel’s reputation.

  2. lazy lavender

    the story is turning wild..can’t keep up with it..

  3. this is also a remake of marathi serial MANN UDHAAN WARYACHE. NOT INTERESTED

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