Mohi 17th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Mohi 17th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mohi getting the ghee for the puja. Ayush takes it and looks at her. Anusha comes there with Aaji and Archana. They meet Gokhales and they all are happy. Shanta blesses Anusha. Anusha greets and wishes happy diwali to Mohi. Mohi also wishes her. Anusha introduces Aaji and Archana. Manohar says Shanta is eldest here. Shubhangi asks Anusha about Rekha. Anusha says she got busy in NGO work. Archana says Vinay can’t come, as he went hospital.

Shanta says Anusha is very determined and strong willed. Aaji says her decisions are always right. She trusts her decisions. Anusha gifts everyone and says sorry Mohi, I could not bring any gift for you. Mohi says biggest gift for me is you took care of my studies. Anusha gives her some money. Mohi refuses to take it. Manohar says Laxmi

is coming on Diwali, its good. Mohi says I can take gift, not money. Ayush asks Anusha to leave it. Anusha says Mohi would feel bad that I did not get gift for her, and Mohi can get gift for her later. Mohi takes the money.

Manohar asks them to come for puja. They all sit for puja. They do the aarti and are happy. The family sits to talk with Aaji and asks what date she fixed for marriage. Mohi looks on sadly. Shanta notices her. Aaji says the mahurat is good after 15 days. Swati says it will be just few days. Aaji says we will do all arrangements, you all just have to come.

Mohi recalls Ayush and thinks Ayush has collided with me that me, whatever is happening is fate. Shanta sees Mohi sitting outside near diyas. She silently goes to Mohi. She keeps diya there and leaves. Mohi sees the fire and sends the kids inside. She worries seeing all the crackers burning around her. She starts coughing by the smoke. Ayush comes there and gets shocked seeing Mohi in the smoke. He runs to help her.

Ayush blows off some fire. Mohi faints. He lifts her and kids inform elders about Mohi caught in fire. Ayush brings Mohi inside and tells Anusha to see Mohi. Anusha asks Sharad to get cold water. She asks Shubhangi to get towel and ointment. She says Mohi will get fine. Shanta smiles. Anusha treats Mohi. Sge asks Ayush to apply cold water. He says I m fine, check Mohi. Mohi gets conscious and sees Ayush infront of her. Anusha asks how is she feeling now, is she fine, she may faint by smoke. Sneha thanks Mohi for saving her. Shubhangi asks what. Sneha says Mohi saved me, else I would have burnt. Ayush looks at Mohi. Shanta thinks why did Ayush risk his life to save Mohi, if he does not like her.

Aaji says she spoke to pandit. Sharad tells Ayush and Anusha about their marriage date fixed. Mohi goes away and cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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