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Mohi 17th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mohi crying and saying this relation has to break for Ayush’s happiness. Vinay talks to Mahua’s painting and feels apologetic. He says I did not know Mohi is my daughter, forgive me, I wish to do something for her, you have spent all life alone, and I could not do anything for you, I I was helpless, but will Mohi understand and accept that I m her father. I have to win her trust, she should know this when its right time.

Anusha and Ayush laugh as Sharad boasts about himself and Ayush. Everyone smile seeing Sharad’s story. Anjali says Ayush has cut all kites. Shubhangi asks Sharad to remove goggles, as he has come home. Sharad says let it be. Anusha says I got a coin in my laddoo. Sharad says we should change party seeing wind. Anjali says my laddoo also has coin. Sharad

says great, show me. Anjali says I m lucky.

Shanta asks Mohi why did she not come, she missed a lot, does she know this. Anusha says nothing is imp than studies. Festivals come every year, Mohi should concentrate on her studies, there are less days for her exams and she has to go Bhuvana too. Mohi thinks to expose Shanta before going, else Shanta can plan anything.

Rekha gets a new car and the man gives her car keys. The man thanks her and goes. Vinay says its good, but like last time… Rekha says its between me and Anusha, I know how to handle this. I understand what you want to say, and reminds that she has to answer her society people. He asks her to do as she wants.

Anusha comes to Ayush and scares him. he smiles and says I m doing office work. She says I have to say thanks for giving me so much. He asks what did do. She says I did not get such happiness of family members till now, I m very happy celebrating festival here. Ayush holds her and says I should thank you that you became part of my family, accepting me leaving your rich family and status. She says don’t say anything, why don’t we go out this weekend. He says wow, romance and all, good idea, but.. she asks what but.. He says I have to drop Mohi to Bhuvana, I have some work there too. Anusha asks him will you come back alone, you and Mohi can come back together. He says yes, I will try, we will come soon.

Mohi goes to her room and thinks its enough of Shanta’s plans, I will play same game with Shanta now, I want to bring out Shanta’s truth infront of everyone. Shanta plays chess and says my slaves are at right place, one more move and I will win. Mohi comes to her and says I made this kesar milk for you, have this. Shanta gets glad and takes the milk glass. Mohi thinks this has some bhaang in it, and all truth will come out by Shanta.

Swati asks Anjali to check who has come. Rekha and Vinay come and greet everyone. Madhur wishes them happy Makar Sankranti. Swati says I will get shagun. Rekha says I don’t believe in all this, let it be. Vinay says I will meet Manohar and goes. Madhur says its small shagun, if married woman come to visit, then these rituals are done for prosperity, don’t refuse for this. Swati says its fine, have this laddoo. Rekha takes the laddoo. She asks them to call Anusha. Shanta stops and does not drink the milk. She says hear my plan first, you have to do my work, you will go Bhuvana tomorrow, but do my work before leaving. She asks Mohi to kill Manohar before going. Mohi gets shocked. She asks how. Shanta says I don’t know all this, you do something that Manohar does not wake up in morning. Mohi worries and says I don’t know all this. Shanta says you came from village, you will know this, stop making excuses, if you don’t do this work, I will not leave you and say your truth. Mohi says no, don’t do anything, I request. Shanta smiles. Mohi says give me some time, I will think and say. She says you drink this milk, its tasty, you will like it. Shanta says fine, whats the hurry. She smiles….

Rekha tells Anusha that I got a brand new high end AC car for your Sankranti gift. Anusha says thanks, but I m sorry, I can’t accept this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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