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Mohi 17th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vinay’s sister coming to meet them. Rekha acts annoyed to her seeing her low status. Vinay asks his sister to come to talk to Ayush’s family. Rekha says that’s a bad idea. His sister understands and says she will take rest. Mohi brings Ayush to her village. She says she can’t take him further, and asks him not to be seen by anyone, else he will lose his other leg. She says all the best and leaves. He asks her which is her house and looks around. He says there is no one around. The villagers attack on him and Ayush is stunned.

Mohi says I told him to be careful and looks at him. Ayush says he has come to meet doctor. He says I was doing para gliding, I got hurt and came here. He says he was roaming to see if he can get his foot treated. The man says go back from where

you came. Another man says they should take him to Vaid ji for humanity sake. They take Ayush along.

Ayush’s family welcomes Anusha and her family. Anusha takes the elders’ blessings. Manohar introduces the family and Deepa comes there to introduce herself. The men ask Nana to check Ayush’s wound, and find if he is lying. Ayush thinks where is he stuck, no one will save him, where did Mohi go. Mahua looks on annoyed seeing a city guy.

Rekha tells about Anusha. Ayush’s family tells about Ayush’s work. Vinay says journalism and medical work makes life unpredictable, Anusha has to understand. Rekha says Anusha will adjust, will Ayush adjust? She says I want Anusha to pursue medical masters in overseas and settle there, will Ayush settle there with her? They get stunned. Anusha manages the situation. Manohar compliments her. Rekha says she could not meet Ayush, but she wants to see his room. The men stand there to see what happens with city guy. Nana signs Ayush and tells him. Ayush says I don’t understand. Mohi says Nana is saying wound is deep, but bone is fine, he will get fine by the herbs. Nana asks her to get kada. Ayush says no, I won’t eat kada.

Mohi asks him to rest and till then Nana will make herb lep for him. Rekha sees Ayush’s room. Rekha asks Ayush’s mum Swati about the cupboard for Anusha and the washroom. Swati says I will take you. Rekha asks what, it means this room does not have any washroom. Swati says there are two washrooms on two floors. Rekha taunts them and says perfect. Nana asks Mahua not to be angry. Mahua asks him not to cure the city guy. Mahua says you know how are city people. Mohi says they are not so bad, there are god smart people too.

Mahua asks who told you this. Mohi says that city guy, I showed him the way to help him. Mahua scolds her. Mohi says I was just helping him. Nana says she is right. Mahua says send that guy, and Mohi help me in cooking, don’t talk to that guy again.

Rekha says Ayush and Anusha should settle in their house, and Ayush’s family is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. This serial is the remake of the Bengali serial Ishti Kutum.

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