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The Episode starts with Ayush lying to Anusha about the pics. He says its Anand’s new project pics. She asks can I see. He asks why, don’t you trust me and gets closer to her. She says no, its just for curiosity. He flirts with her and they smile. Ayush gets Anand’s call and tells Anusha that he will meet her for dinner. She leaves. Everyone see the flour kneaded by Mohi. Mohi recalls how she has messed the kitchen and has put much water in the flour. Swati comes to her and helps Mohi. She teaches her how to knead the flour. Mohi smiles and signs Swati.

She thanks them. Ayush’s aunt says if you know this, then you will know to make rotis also. Mohi says yes. Ayush’s aunt asks Mohi to make rotis today and leaves. Swati says I can’t help you Mohi. Mohi says no need, I know making rotis.

Swati gives her chakla belen. Mohi saks her not to worry. Vinay asks Archana to get a mahurat for Ayush and Anusha, maybe mum will agree. Archana says she will be happy. Rekha looks on.

Mohi makes the rotis and brings it wrapped in cloth. Ayush’s aunt asks does she not know about casserole. Swati says the box to keep rotis, I will explain Mohi later. They all see the rotis and look at each other. Manohar says its heavy. Ayush’s aunt asks does she make rotis like this. Mohi says yes, we make like this in village. Swati shows her think rotis. Mohi laughs and says Nana will eat such 20 rotis. She says she made 5 rotis for them. Ayush’s aunt asks what did she do of more flour. Mohi says she made 5 rotis of all the flour. Ayush’s aunt says we don’t have time to make rotis now and asks Manohar to have it. Manohar jokes on it.

Rekha asks Vinay what is he saying about mahurat. Rekha disagrees that Vinay’s mum will say about mahurat. Vinay says mum is annoyed with me, but she will do everything for Anusha.

Shubhangi applies nail paint and shows to Swati. She does not peel garlic as her nails are spoiling and asks Swati to peel garlic, and she will cut onions. She cuts onions and cries. She asks Swati to cut onions and talks about Anusha, what will she wear after marriage, she is modern and will not wear saree. Ayush’s aunt says Rekha is modern and still wears sarees. Shubhangi says I think she should wear in which she is comfortable. Swati says Anusha is coming on shopping with us, so we will ask her. Shubhangi asks Swati to increase the shopping budget. Swati says my marriage happened in this budget. They laugh.

Mohi says she is going to dry clothes. Swati asks her to go to terrace by stairs. Ayush’s aunt asks her to use clips else clothes will fly. Swati says Anusha will be coming now. Mohi hears this and thinks. She goes to the terrace. Anusha comes to meet them. Anusha greets everyone and hugs Swati. They smile happily. Anusha talks to them about getting date for engagement. Manohar comes and asks Anusha when did she come. Anusha greets him. Manohar says tell your parents to send you here soon.

Mohi comes down from the terrace. Manohar tells Anusha that he wants to discuss some serious matter with her. He says he has to ask her, does she know to play chess. They all laugh. Mohi comes there and hears them. She tries to see Anusha. Ayush sees the pictures and sees Mohi’s pic. He says this truth will come out one day even if I try to hide. Mohi stands far and looks at Anusha, recalling Ayush’s words.

Ayush calls Anusha. Anusha does not take his call. Ayush says whats wrong with her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Feel sorry for mohi. Would like to see how her dream to become a dr. begins, as i am also a person who aspire to become one. Pls move on to dat track

    1. This serial bullshit. Producers dont know how to come with a good story. Only garbage and mohi act like a child. She is so stupid

  2. Mohi doesn’t act like a child, she just loves people. He was treating her good when he was in her village

  3. Read the story of ishti Kutum on Wikipedia. Dreading the time when Mohi turns negative 🙁

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