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The Episode starts with Shanti complimenting Mohi for the rangoli she made. She asks about her village and trip to city. Mohi says she has come with Ayush. Shanta asks why. Mohi says she wanted to work and came here, then this family kept her for work. Shanta smiles having some doubt on her. Ayush misses Anusha and waits for her call. She calls him and wishes happy diwali.

He asks is she coming home. She says she will come, but it depends if he wants to meet her. He says he wants to meet her and they smile. Mohi comes there and he ends call. She keeps tea for him. She wishes him happy diwali and he also wishes her, but with an upset mood. Mohi thinks its enough for her, her dreams fulfilled by his words. Shanta comes there and asks Mohi will she stand here, she has to make Rangoli.

Ayush greets

Shanta. Shanta sends Mohi. Shanta tells bad about Mohi and asks why did he bring her with him, and how did her mum send her with him, its strange. Ayush says she may trust him. Shanta says you are so sweet and anyone will trust you. I m talking about Mohi, world is bad, no one can be trusted. She says she has heard Mohi talking in her sleep about some truth. He thinks Mohi will make him fall in trouble. He says maybe its their personal problem, why do we care. She looks at his tensed face and leaves.

Shanta says just Mohi’s mum will say truth now, I have to meet her, either go there to meet her or call her here. She sees kids playing with crackers and gets an idea. She smiles.

Rekha says I have got gifts for everyone in Gokhale family. Vinay asks did she get gift for Mohi too. Rekha says no, she is not family, you expect me to shop for that maid. They start arguing. Anusha asks Rekha what problem she has with Mohi. Rekha says great, you both are against me. Aaji asks Rekha not to be annoyed and think about Gokhales. Rekha says enough of lecture, you all worry for maid more than me. Rekha gets annoyed and says she will not come with them. Vinay asks Anusha to let it be, they are already getting late, they will leave now.

Mohi burns crackers with everyone. Ayush comes there and burns crackers with Sharad and kids. Mohi looks on. Shanta asks them to come for puja, and takes them inside the house. They all leave. Shanta asks Mohi to pick the burnt crackers and move them to the side. Mohi picks the burnt crackers papers, and Shanta was about to throw matchstick on her. Sharad comes there and calls Mohi to come. Shanta stops and asks Mohi to clean later. Shanta smiles.

Ayush sees Mohi caught in fire and coughing by smoke. He runs to her and blows off the fire caught to her saree. She faints and he holds her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice precap

  2. Shanta is such a bad woman.

  3. shanta is insane,she can fall down to any level for her “so called” revenge

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