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The Episode starts with Ayush saying nothing happened with him, maybe Anand for wrong info. He tells Anand that he will meet him in office. Mohi looks on. Ayush turns and the breakfast falls. He scolds her and asks why did she come in his room. She cries and says I came to give breakfast, your mum has sent me. He asks her to have some manners and knock on the door to take permission, this is city, not any village. She says she won’t do this again and cleans the floor.

He says you came to city with me by your cleverness, now learn the manners. She says she did not marry him to come to city. He asks her not to lie, she told him that its her dream to come to city, she trapped him and did marriage, not to save him. Swati comes and sees Ayush scolding Mohi. She asks whats the matter. Ayush asks her

to see what Mohi did, and asks her not to send Mohi to his room again. Swati asks what happened, everyone makes mistake. She says Mohi will settle in few days. Mohi goes and gets sad recalling his words.

Mohi does not tell anything to Swati. Swati says I have scolded Ayush. She says your mum would also love you. Mohi recalls Mahua and cries. Swati asks her to have breakfast.

Rekha talks on phone and says congrats, wish Arvind from my side too, we will come. She gets angry. Vinay asks what happened. She says Arvind’s proposal is fixed with Mitali. He says its good news, we should also fix Ayush and Anusha’s engagement, we will call just special guests. Rekha agrees and says we will keep it low profile. He asks when shall we go to fix the date. She says we will just call and fix. Archana says we are girl’s family, we should meet them.

Rekha asks what do you mean, shall we always go, as if they are doing favor on us. Archana says I did not mean it, we have to follow the society rules. Rekha says she does what she feels right and asks Archana not to interfere in her family matters. Archana goes. Vinay taunts Rekha that she would have followed so called outdated customs if it was Arvind in Ayush’s place. Rekha leaves.

Swati says we will go for shopping after finishing the work. Ayush’s aunt refuses to come, as there is work. Mohi hears them and asks them to go, she will see work. Ayush’s aunt refuses and says she can’t walk much, how will Mohi manage. Swati says she is learning work. Ayush’s aunt says fine then, we will give her some work and see. She asks Mohi to knead the flour. Mohi nods.

Anusha pacifies Archana. Rekha comes to Archana and apologizes to her. She asks her to go with Vinay to Ayush’s home. Vinay says he has a problem with this. Rekha asks what problem, I think Ayush’s family will be comfortable with Archana. Anusha says they don’t have problem with you mum. Vinay says I will go alone. Shubhangi and Swati talk about shopping clothes. Swati coughs and goes to get water. She says Mohis still kneading the floor. Ayush’s aunt asks till now? Mohi comes and says I have done it, and has all the flour over her face and clothes. They all go to help Mohi. Anusha comes to meet Ayush. He flirts and compliments her. She smiles and see the pics fallen down. Ayush gets tensed seeing Mohi’s pic in it. Anusha picks the pics.

Swati asks Mohi to go and dry the clothes, and tells Anusha is going to come now. Mohi gets thinking.

Update Credit to: Amena

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