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The Episode starts with Mohi crying in her room. She wishes this family does not get in any trouble and prays for them. Ayush comes to Mohi’s room and she gets shocked. She says I know you are annoyed, but I did not know its my birthday today, Anusha told this to family and kept this party, I m saying truth, don’t be annoyed, whatever Anusha did was for my happiness. He asks her to be quiet. He says I did not come here to say about party, I m not going to scold Anusha for this.

He says now you should leave this house and go from here, you promised me so when are you going. She says very soon, I remember my promise. He says I m glad knowing you are going, start new life in Bhuvana, I will help whatever I can. She says I will keep my promise and leave from here, but I don’t know what I will do

there in Bhuvana. She says I don’t want anything, as I m taking a lot from here already. He leaves. Mohi says I have to save this house from Shanta before I leave from here.

Manohar and Kaki have a talk. He says I worked for 25 years in court, few things were true from heart and mind, but I did not hear any words which touched heart, like Mohi speak, I feel her words have truth and honesty, which is seen rarely. He says this girl is diamond, she will change her inlaws’ fate. Kaki says I was strict to Mohi and now she feels like Deepa to me. He says she proved that relations are not by blood, but also by heart, which are stronger than blood relations. Kaki says she always saved our respect, despite not being our family member, no one can do this.

She says how Mohi calmed Rekha and Shanta, she saved Anusha and Ayush’s marriage from breaking, I can’t forget when you got heart attack, Mohi saved you by treating you on time, she just thought about us. Manohar says I will trust her always, how will we repay her favors.

Anusha comes to Ayush and says everyone enjoyed the party, Mohi loves all of us, why did she get sentimental, as if she will never come back, you also held her hand instead mine. Ayush says enough Anusha… Mohi Mohi, stop this, don’t you have any other topic. She says I m sorry and gets sad. He says I did not wish to upset you, I thought we will talk about us, I m sorry. She says its not your mistake, I m sorry, you came home after many days and I did not ask you about your trip. She asks how was your trip. He gets romantic and asks her to come close. He makes her close eyes. She asks why, tell me. He kisses her.

Madhur tells Swati that he liked Anusha doing all this for Mohi. Swati says Anusha regarded her sister, so she will do her duty. Madhur says even Mohi did good, she knows to respect relations, its such quality in village innocent girl which shames city people. We should learn keeping relations from such people. Swati says yes, Manohar loves her, and no one can manage Manohar than Mohi, she is best. Madhur laughs and they recall what Mohi did. He says she stays happy and keeps others happy too, I m sure Sharad’s annoyance will go away, and everyone will be happy again.

Sharad smiles seeing Shubhangi and compliments her beauty. She gets glad. He says you look beautiful daily, but today you looked stunning. She starts laughing, and compliments him. He says I felt you did not see me and had focus on Mohi. She says it was Mohi’s birthday and we made her feel special. He says she is maid, why was all this done for a maid, its waste of time, money and energy, she is stranger for us, we can’t trust her and reminds jewelry case, they did not know the thief till now. They should be alert by Mohi. She says you don’t even trust Manohar. He says yes, I don’t trust Manohar, we broke my trust, he took loan on property which was on name of all three brothers, its my right to know what he did with that money. She reminds what Manohar did for him, to raise him and make his future. She says you should be ashamed to think like that of Manohar. He says I m ashamed of you, you are such wife who does not respect her husband and trust the cheaters. She says its useless talking to you and turns to sleep.

Mohi comes to Shanta and asks for the letter, as she is leaving home. Shanta says you are just a slave in my game, I will ruin this family by using your and Ayush’s marriage secret, you can’t get that letter ever. Mohi gets shocked and asks why do you want to do this, everyone loves and respects you. Shanta says its lie, they don’t love me, I will ruin them, you think whom to support now.

Shanta asks on whose side is Mohi. Mohi says I will be on your side, as you are having power now. Shanti smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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