Mohi 15th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Mohi 15th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anjali saying Anusha planned all this, else how would reporters come there. Sharad recalls Rekha’s words. He says Ayush ruined Gokhale family name, its all because of him. We were proud of him and see what happened. Swati says I can’t believe this. Sharad says Rekha has that letter. I always felt Mohi is strange, like she is married, her fasts were for Ayush. He recalls Shanta’s words. Swati says this is all an lie, Mohi was such a nice girl, she adjusted with us so well. She cries and says all her rituals, behavior and fasts, don’t link this. Sharad says Mohi felt she is our bahu, that’s why she stayed as our family.

Swati recalls Mohi and cries. She thinks how Mohi always helped them, and stayed as family member. Sharad says Mohi and Ayush made this big drama,

they did not let us know anything. How was that reporter asking Shanta there in party, it was so bad. He says if this happened with Anjali, we would have done same like Rekha did. Anjali says Ayush is losing name on social networking sites as well, I think we should tell everyone that Ayush is framed, Mohi can’t do this. Swati cries.

Anusha cries thinking of Ayush’s words. She gets calls from people asking about Ayush news on tv, is this true. She cries and ends call. She switches off the phone and recalls Ayush and Mohi. Aaji comes and asks Anusha what happened. Anusha gives her medicine. Rekha comes and asks Anusha why is she reacting like this. Anusha asks how can you do this with me. She says you took letter, read it and kept this party to get your frustration out, you made this a drama, you called media to spread this matter. She asks what type of mum are you to insult my inlaws here.

She says I lost my name as well, how could you do this, I did not expect this with you, we can’t play with someone’s dignity. She cries. Rekha argues and asks shall I care for them, who cheated my daughter. Anusha says was it cheat or some other issue, you should have asked me once. Rekha asks would you let me do this then, no, you would have saved Ayush, Ayush will get punished, I want to get my daughter get justice. She asks Rekha to think does she want to punish Ayush, or show her power and status, this power game is ruining my life. Rekha says I m not the one to forgive. Anusha says just Ayush did mistake, why did you punish entire Gokhale family. Rekha says Ayush is their son and they should pay for it, this would have not happened if you married my choice of guy. Anusha asks why did you hide about Mohi when the matter was about you, you were scared of losing name, when problem came on me, you called media and told the world about my life. Anusha calls her selfish to think just about herself, there is no place for anyone else in her life. She cries and says I hate you mom. Aaji worries.

Anjali suggests they should go Bhuvana and meet Mohi. Maybe she will say that letter is fake and that marriage did not happen, then Ayush will be freed soon.

Update Credit to: Amena

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