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The Episode starts with Ayush asking Mohi to take him to his Nana and apologizing to her. He says he is in pain and he is sure her Nana will cure his foot, please help. She says fine, come. She looks for sundari and takes him. He thinks she looks innocent and can give much info. He asks her village name. She says Bhuvana. He says its different name, what does it mean, tell more about it. She tells the geographical details of the village and the population. He is stunned and asks how does she know so much. She says her school teaches this She asks does she go school. She says yes, I come first and I study veda at my Nana. He thinks if she knows so much, he is sure she will know Satyakam, she is ticket to Bhuvana, I got my lottery.

He says he has compass to show right direction. She says she did not

forget the way, and asks him to fight his way himself. He says he will come with her. She says your foot looks fine. He says its paining again, I think its serious problem. She says I don’t know to take you or not, no one likes city people, I heard city people are not good. He says they are good, so they are ahead of villagers, you are educated, you believe so? She says come, we will go.

He says I can’t believe I m being sweet to a girl for meeting a vaid. Manohar asks Sharad what did he get. Sharad says he got pastries for guests. Madhur says its not needed, when they can make it at home. He gets angry and leaves. Manohar asks for tea. The kids come asking for pastries. They have a laugh. Deepa argues with her mum, over switching off the gas knob. Deepa says I m working so much and aunty does not do anything. Shubhangi argues and asks why is she saying if she is working for own home. Deepa says I m guest here. Shubhangi says guest is for one day, you come here every alternate day. Deepa cries and says she is burden for everyone. Deepa says she is working a lot for Ayush’s proposal getting fixed, no one loves me, my fate is bad. She gets annoyed and leaves. Sharad scolds Shubhangi for saying so to Deepa. Shubhangi gets annoyed and leaves.

Mohi takes Ayush to the river and says they have to cross it to reach their village. He says there will be bridge. She says its not there, this is the only way. She crosses the river and shows him, saying its easy. He says its crazy and sits to remove his shoes. She asks him to come slowly and laughs seeing him. He crosses the river and falls down in the water. She asks him to give his hand. She holds his hand and makes him sit. She says cold water will relieve his pain.

Sharad apologizes to Shubhangi. He asks her to forget anything. They hear the family asking Deepa to open the door and rush there to see her. Everyone ask Deepa to open the door. Manohar apologizes to Deepa. Shubhangi asks Sharad to see the new drama. Madhur comes there and says this was needed now to ruin our respect infront of Dixit family, its good if they come and see this. He leaves. Shubhangi tries to talk to Deepa.

She apologizes to her and asks her to open the door. Manohar says its enough now Deepa, open the door. Mohi and Ayush sit at the lake. He says I can’t believe I m sitting with my foot in water to lessen pain. She says there is no doctor here. She asks about city doctors. He says doctor will treat depending on the wound. He says his friend is a doctor. She asks really? He says yes, real and best. He smiles.

Anusha greets Ayush’s family. Ayush looks around and Satyakam’s people catch him, asking who is he and what is he doing here.

Update Credit to: Amena

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