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Mohi 14th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mohi switching on the lights. She gets amazed seeing the lights on by just a switch and says sunlight is needed for light in our village. Anjali comes and greets Mohi. Mohi tells about the village and asks them to sit down and talk. Anjali asks about her best friends. Mohi says Sundari, I play with it, and tells them that Sundari is a goat.

Ayush’s aunty comes and asks them to stand up, everyone has goats in villages. She asks Mohi to do some work if she had food. She asks Mohi to clean the dining table. Mohi thinks how to clean it and gets thinking. Ayush meets Anand and apologizes. Anand says its okay, I got unexpected free trip. He asks about Satyakam, any info. Ayush says yes, Satyakam is alive, I have met him, I spoke to him. Anand gets glad and says its big news,

you will get famous in one day if we print the news tomorrow. Ayush says not now, its big news.

Anand says we will make a press conference, then Rekha will take appointment to meet you. Ayush thinks its too late, Rekha will hate me after knowing the truth. Anand asks him to take rest today and start working from tomorrow. He leaves. Anusha asks Rekha to have her medicines and now she is going to meet Ayush’s family. Rekha asks her to take car. Anusha says Ayush’s family won’t like it. Rekha argues and asks her to maintain her status. Vinay looks on.

Swati talks to everyone about engagement and marriage arrangements. They decide to do Anusha’s shopping first. Shubhangi goes to see how Mohi cleaned the dining table and gets shocked. She calls everyone seeing Mohi cleaning the table like cleaning the floor. Ayush’s aunt scolds her. Swati explains Mohi that wood should not be cleaned by water, but just wet cloth. Mohi apologizes. They all help Mohi in working. Mohi says they all are very good and likes them.

Its morning, Mohi goes and does the puja at the tree. Ayush’s aunt does puja and gives aarti to everyone at home. She asks Mohi where was she, there is work. Mohi says she has gone to do puja outside and had bath also. Ayush’s aunt asks her to go in kitchen and work. Manohar smiles seeing them.

Swati asks Shubhangi to give tea to Manohar. Mohi asks shall I help. Swati asks her to give breakfast to Ayush. Mohi recalls Ayush’s anger. She says she will cut vegs. Swati asks why. Mohi says Ayush will not like if she goes in his room. Swati says nothing like that. Ayush’s aunt asks Mohi to go, and sends her.

Anusha comes from walk and talks to Archana. Anusha says do my mum and dad look a couple, I feel they have cold war. Archana explains her that husband and wife has fights, love and anger. Anusha says I understand, but I hope Ayush and I don’t get such differences. Archana says yes, it won’t happen. Ayush calls Anusha. Ayush says Anand gifted me a new phone. Anusha says congrats. Ayush says I will call back, I m getting Anand’s call. Anand asks Ayush did any issue happen in Bhuvana with local people. Mohi comes there. Ayush recalls marrying Mohi.

The pics fall down and Anusha is about to see Mohi’s pic with Ayush.

Update Credit to: Amena

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