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The Episode starts with Rekha talking to her friends. Anusha greets them and tells about her plans of future. They ask her about Ayush. Anusha says he is junior reporter, I m sure he will achieve success soon. The lady says I m really disappointed, you left good proposals and marrying a reporter. Anusha says Ayush is one in a million, he will never leave me. Anusha says snacks are ready, but we are waiting for dad, he is on the way, its Archana’s birthday today, mom organized all this celebrations, thanks.

The family sprinkle water on Mohi and make her drink water. Mohi looks shocked and asks how did they come inside. They ask how is she. She says I have locked the door. Ayush says they were ringing bell since an hour and you are sleeping here. Swati asks how did she sleep so sound. Mohi says I

don’t remember anything, I just remember I was having stomach pain. Swati says she did not eat anything since morning, so she fainted here. Mohi says no, I have eaten a lot from fridge. She says she has eaten cake.

Manohar asks what happened after stomach ache. Mohi says I don’t remember. Kaki asks her to think well. Mohi says I have eaten medicine from Manohar’s box and I slept. Manohar asks which medicine did she eat. She shows the tablets. He says this is sleeping tablets, are you mad. Sharad asks how many did she eat. Mohi says 4-5. Shubhangi says if you had more… Mohi says I have eaten as it was sweet. They laugh. Ayush scolds her for troubling everyone and acting innocent. He leaves.

Vinay comes home and gets a cake for Archana. Anusha brings Archana and surprises her saying mum planned this. Rekha says Archana would not believe this. Anusha says its surprise. Archana cuts the cake and makes Rekha have it. Anusha says I will send snacks. Rekha gets irked having the cake. Archana asks Anusha why did she do all this infront of Rekha’s friends. Anusha says this was mom’s idea. Archana says I know you have done this for me, Rekha is nice at hear. Anusha makes Archana smile by asking about her husband and teases her.

Archana tells about her husband and gets teary eyed. She says I have to celebrate my birthday with these memories. She cries and Anusha hugs her. Sharad and Shubhangi talk about Mohi getiing unwell. Kaki and Manohar also talk about her. Sharad says anything serious can happen by Mohi, its not anything to take light. He says Mohi can make us fall in big problem, it will be better she goes back to her village.

Its morning, Kaki talks to Deepa and asks her not to be angry on Mohi for someone else. She asks her to tell the real matter. Deepa says nothing, you worry for Mohi. Mohi comes to Ayush’s room and recalls his words.

Deepa and Shubhangi have an argument. Manohar gets unwell and falls down holding his chest. Mohi and Ayush rush to him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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