Mohi 14th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Mohi 14th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vinay and Mahua thinking about each other. Ayush is angry and throws his phone on the bed. Anusha calls him. He talks to Anusha on phone. Anusha says she is helping Mohi. He asks why is she helping, then she shall help everyone. She says I know Mohi, she is helplessly here. He gets angry and ends call. She cries and says Ayush has changed, he is not understanding me, what wrong did I do.

Swati comes to room and Madhur gives her books for Mohi. He says he has got 12th books from library. He says this can help Mohi. He says he is proud of Anusha. She worries for Ayush and Anusha’s relation. Madhur says Anusha is mature than Ayush, I m sure she will explain Ayush, he has got Mohi and should be responsible. She says he always said she came forcibly. He says what problem will

Ayush have and why, everyone is happy and he is going against us. Ayush hears them.

Mohi thinks about Bhuvana. Ayush goes downstairs and sees Mohi studying. She says everyone will be proud when I become doctor. He holds her hand and drags her. She asks what is he doing. He says I will tell your truth. She says everyone will be ruined. He says I became bad in everyone’s eyes, they all believe her more than him, Anusha and his relation is getting worse, you should be punished for this, I will tell them, you have to pay for this, you will bear what I m bearing, you are getting their applaud and I m getting their anger. She cries and says she never tried to make him away from her. He asks her not to lie.

Ayush says I know your plan, you did all this to weaken my position at home, you disappeared the papers, then found it toi show you knew English, everyone and Anusha got impressed, they fought with me for your study. She cries. She swears it was not her plan, she kept papers in his room. He says you are lying, I will end your drama, I will see who loves you after exposing your true face. She asks him to stop it, is he not in senses, how can he talk about elders like this.

She says I had many ways to get sympathy, I did not say anyone as I did not want to, why would I do all this acting, you always feel I want to create problems, you feel I got forcibly in your life, I want to make you away from Anusha and family, why will I do this, I remember my promise very well, I will never break it, I will go from her after your and Anusha’s marriage, I will not show my face. I will live without family and they will forget me too. She goes away and cries.

Vinay comes to Anusha and says I m proud of you. I will help you if needed. Anusha says I know I you like Mohi a lot. He says right, and frankly I feel strange connection with her, don’t know why, there is something. She says even I feel the same.

Shanta looks at Gokhale’s pic and says get ready Manohar, you have to pay for what you did with my son.

Update Credit to: Amena

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