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Mohi 14th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with all family members swapping clothes and also their mannerisms to surprise each other in the party. They all laugh and ask where is Manohar. Anusha and Mohi come downstairs. Swati sends Mohi to get the cake from kitchen. Anjali talks like Mohi and Kaki laughs. She says now we will come in our characters. Anusha says when cake comes, surprise will be out.

Mohi brings the cake. Swati asks her to keep cake in plate. Anjali switches off the lights. Anusha lights the candle in the cake, and Mohi gets surprised seeing her name in the cake. Everyone smile and give the cake knife to Mohi. They all sing happy birthday to you, and make Mohi cut the cake. Mohi can’t believe all this and looks at them.

Anjali switches on the lights. Anusha says happy birthday Mohi, its not Sneha’s

birthday, its yours. Mohi says but its not my birthday today. Anusha says your birthday is today according to English calendar. She hugs Mohi. Shanta thinks have fun for few days and get their love.

Vinay and Rekha come. Rekha says Anusha is so good to celebrate a maid’s birthday so grand. Vinay thinks Anusha gave Mohi what she deserves, now I have to Mohi such life that she deserves, I have to tell Mohi that I m her father, she is my daughter, but how will I tell her. Anjali says Mohi will say few words about us today. They all ask Mohi to say. Mohi says I don’t know what to say, I got love and respect from you all. I got my Nana in Manohar, I got my father in Madhur, Swati, Kaki and Shubhangi gave me love, I was living in Bhuvana too, but I got meaning of life here in this house. They all smile. She says she is part of this family. Ayush looks on.

She says I came empty handed and going with so much love. She thanks Anusha for making her day so special. She hugs Anusha. Manohar says Mohi made everyone cry in this happy moment and laughs. He asks them to get cake. They all smile and go to have snacks. Vinay goes to Mohi and gifts her.

Mohi says I can’t take this. Vinay asks her not to refuse and take it. He wishes her happy birthday. She thanks him. he asks her about her mum’s name Mahua…. She says yes, but how do you know. He says I have read it in your form..

Shanta asks Rekha to have something, thanks for coming, we are glad. Rekha says I have many commitments daily. Vinay says I wanted to give you some gift, which you were looking for since many years. She asks what is it. Vinay says I want to say about your Papa…. Rekha stops him and says he is getting late for his flight. Vinay says yes, gift is pending. Rekha taunts Mohi. Vinay asks Rekha not to taunt. Mohi replies Rekha well. Rekha leaves.

Mohi apologizes to Vinay for replying to Rekha. She thanks him for the gift and says I m glad you came here. He hugs and blesses her. He thinks he got chance to talk to Mohi, but missed it, after coming back, I will tell her that I m her father.

Shanta tells Mohi that I m using you to ruin this family. Mohi gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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