Mohi 14th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Mohi 14th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ayush coming to his office. He gets shocked seeing the police. Inspector says we got a complaint against you. You have to come to police station with us. Its bigamy case. He says as per law, you can’t marry again when you have first wife, till you have given divorce to first wife. Ayush recalls Satish and is taken by police. Rekha says I know you all want to see Ayush on tv, but there is big breaking news which I want to give to you all.

She says Ayush is arrested by police for bigamy case. Everyone get shocked. Rekha asks are they really shocked. Rekha calls the reporters there as well and says I wanted to tell everyone what is Ayush in reality. Anusha leaves from there. Shanta asks what is bigamy, is this any game. Rekha says Mausi ji, you don’t know this, I will tell


Rekha says Ayush has married a simple girl by trapping her in his love, he has got her to city from Bhuvana village, he has kept her as maid in his house, he threatened her, if she tells this to anyone, he will leave the house. Swati cries. Rekha says that girl did not tell anyone and was quiet. Ayush has cheated Anusha and married her. One wife became maid and another wife an earner, wow.

Anusha comes to room and checks for Mohi’s letter. She does not get it and thinks Anusha got the letter from her purse. She worries. Shanta says what proof you have for this. Rekha says you want proof, and gets the letter. She says this is handwritten letter by Mohi. Everyone get shocked. Rekha shows them the letter and reporter records the statement. Rekha says Mohi has written that Ayush is her husband. Shanta recalls she made Mohi write all this. Rekha says truth is Ayush did this crime and you will get entire truth by police investigation, then you all will know Ayush’s reality.

Sharad says I can’t believe Ayush can do this cheat. Rekha says I can’t believe this that you all don’t know this, Mohi was staying there, you want me to believe this. Madhur says we have to call Mohi here to know truth. Rekha says that’s what I m saying, call Mohi and know it, where is Mohi. Swati and Kaki cry.

Shanta says now we can know once Mohi comes. Swati recalls Rekha’s words and cries. She recalls Mohi. Swati says all this is lie, Rekha dislikes Ayush and that’s why she is doing this to take revenge. I can’t believe all this, we will leave from here, we will meet Ayush. Rekha asks Swati to ask Ayush the truth, if he does not say don’t worry, police will tell truth. They all leave. Reporter tells about Ayush’s truth and how Ayush is proved to be a cheater, when he was exposing others in his tv show. Rekha smiles. Swati and everyone come home and are sad. Sharad recalls Rekha’s words and says Ayush has ruined our respect.

Swati tells about Mohi’s fast and rituals, don’t link to this. Sharad says Mohi felt she is our
bahu, so she adjusted with us.

Update Credit to: Amena

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